Updated: Top 12 IP Wells in the Bakken

April 2020: Two High-volume Middle Bakken Completions in McKenzie County, N.D. by WPX Energy


Top 12 I.P. Wells in Bakken Shale FlowOperatorWell #County, StateSection, SurveyComp. Date7,088 Boe/d (4,815 bo, 13.16 MMcf)Whiting Oil & Gas Corp.21-4H Tarpon-FederalMcKenzie , ND4-152n-97wNov. 20117,013 Boe/d (6,800 bo, 1.28 MMcf)Burlington Resources Co.34-34H LlanoMcKenzie , ND34-153n-95wJune 20126.755 Boe/d (5,130 bo, 9.57 MMcf)Burlington Resources Co.24-34H BrazosMcKenzie , ND34-153n-95wJune 20125,330 Boe/d (4,661 bo, 4.01 MMcf)Brigham Exploration Co.2-H Sorenson 29-32Mountrail, ND20-155n-92wMar. 20115,237.67 Boe/d (4,341 bo, 5.38 MMcf)Oasis Petroleum North America LLC13-30B Casey 5200McKenzie, ND30-152n-100wJuly 20125,200 Boe/d (3,731 bo, 8.8 MMcf)*Newfield Exploration Co.152-96-4-2H Wisness-FederalMcKenzie, ND4-152n-96wJuly 20115,133 Boe/d (4,335 bo, 4.79 MMcf)Brigham Exploration Co.1-H Sorenson 29-32Mountrail, ND29-155n-92wMar....

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Larry Prado

Larry Prado writes activity highlights for Hart Energy's upstream franchises and covers E&P news. He holds an AA in electronics engineering technology and a BA in technical communications.