Seawell’s Point system is a suite of ultrasound diagnostic tools that provides a reliable resource for integrity managers. Using ultrasound technology, the four tools in the Point system locate well anomalies with accuracy, both in and behind tubing in the surrounding casing strings.

The Point system comprises:
• LeakPoint for locating leaks in tubing, casing, and well components;
• FlowPoint to reveal the source and flow paths of annular fluids;
• SandPoint for locating the entry points of damaging sand; and
• EntryPoint which brings higher resolution to production profiles.

Ultrasound energy at varying frequencies is produced by flows of liquids and gas, particularly where there is turbulence. The tools feature a piezo-ceramic ultrasound sensor tuned to pick up only the frequencies of sound that a particular well anomaly creates. Because ultrasound is able to pass through steel, cement, and well fluids, anomalies behind tubing can be picked up by a sensor inside the tubing. Tuning the sensors to the frequencies of the energy created and processing the data provides an accurate location for integrity failures.