UGI Energy Services LLC, a subsidiary of UGI Corp., and Archaea Energy Inc., a subsidiary of BP, have entered into the joint venture Aurum Renewables LLC for the development of a renewable natural gas facility at the Commonwealth Environmental Systems landfill in Pennsylvania, UGI Corp. announced in a Feb. 13 press release. 

The facility will process landfill gas to produce 5,000 MMBtu per day of renewable natural gas and provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly energy source to Pennsylvania. 

Archaea Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Archaea Energy, holds a 60% ownership interest and will develop, engineer, construct and operate the facility. A subsidiary of UGI Energy Services holding 40% ownership interest will market the renewable natural gas produced by the facility. UGI will also support the project with its existing 11 megawatt landfill gas-to-electricity facility. 

“This new RNG facility will be one of the largest in the Archaea portfolio and is expected to bring significant environmental and social benefits to southeast Pennsylvania communities,” said Brian McCarthy, Archaea chief financial and commercial officer, in the press release. “This new facility will also bring global benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing a domestically-produced, affordable, low-carbon source of energy.”