Energy storage provider Torus will provide 26 megawatt hours of energy storage capacity across a portion of real estate developer Gardner Group’s portfolio, equivalent to powering nearly 1,000 homes for a full day.

Under a landmark deal, Torus will install its Torus Station energy storage and management system at Gardner’s multiple properties, the company announced May 29.

The Torus Stations will integrate “advanced” battery and flywheel energy storage systems with Torus’ software platform.

Torus said the integration enables energy management and demand response capabilities and connects renewable energy sources and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The systems will be manufactured at Torus’ South Salt Lake City, Utah, facility and are expected to begin installation in fourth-quarter 2024 with completion by first-quarter 2026.

"Partnering with Torus allows us to optimize our energy management, reduce our carbon footprint and provide enhanced value to our tenants,” said Christian Gardner, CEO of Gardner Group. “We look forward to the positive impact this project will have on our properties and the broader community.”