Prospect, Field, Block Well Ft. of net pay/production Operator Depth (ft) Completion date
Mississippi Canyon Block 430 002S0B0 OCS G35823 ST00BP0 11,335 bo, 13.986 MMcf/d (Miocene) BP Drilling:
13,690 ft
Water: n/a
Apr. 2020
Walker Ridge Block 316 1 OCS G35081 200 ft of net pay Equinor Drilling: 33,348 ft
Water: 6,300ft
Apr. 2020
South March Island Block 71 4F OCS G34266 91 ft of net pay Byron Energy Ltd. Drilling: 8,130 ft
Water: n/a
Mar. 2020
Mississippi Canyon Block 794 3SS OCS G34909 284 ft of pay in five sands Beacon Offshore Energy Drilling: n/a
Water: 1,500 ft
May 2020
South Marsh Island Block 71 4-F OCS G34266 91 ft of net pay, Pleistocene Sand Byron Energy Drilling: 8,130
Water: n/a
Mar. 2020
South Timbalier Block 311 004S0B0-A OCSG31418ST00BP0C 2.232 Mbbl of 37-degree-gravity oil, 8.88 MMcf/d (Miocene) Walter Oil & Gas Drilling: n/a
Water: 392
Oct. 2019
Mississippi Canyon Block 194 1A031S2B OCS G02638 ST02BP01 398 bo, 8.958 MMcf/d (Pliocene) EnVen Energy Drilling:14,537
Water: n/a
Sept. 2019
Mississippi Canyon Block 726 3 OCS G24101 191 net ft of high-quality, oil-bearing Miocene reservoirs Hess Corp. Drilling: 8,369

Dec. 2019
South Timbalier Block 311 3-A OCS G24990 1.896 Mbbl of crude,  3.624 MMcf/d Walter Oil & Gas

Drilling: n/a


July 2019
Mississippi Canyon Block 807 0BP MB013S0B0 5.466 Mbbl of oil, 5.485 MMcf/d Shell Oil Co. Drilling: 24,534
Oct. 2018
Green Canyon Block 21 1 OCS G35385 235 ft of Pliocene pay Talos Energy LLC Drilling: n/a
Water: 1,300
June 2019
Alaminos Canyon Block 380 1 OCS G32954 400 net ft of oil pay Shell Oil Co. Drilling: n/a
Water: 6,500
June 2019

Data source: IHS Markit. Compiled by Larry Prado

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