Tom Ward-led Group Ends Year with Back-to-back Acquisitions

The two recent acquisitions were executed through purchase and sale agreements totaling $66.5 million, the first of which represents BCE-Mach’s fourth acquisition in the STACK play.

Tom Ward-led Group Ends Year with Back-to-back Acquisitions

As of Sept. 30, BCE-Mach has accumulated an acreage position in the Midcontinent region consisting of approximately 678,000 net acres, of which 97% is HBP. (SOURCE: MACH RESOURCES)

BCE-Mach, a partnership led by industry icon Tom Ward, is closing out the year with a pair of acquisitions that expands its footprint in the Midcontinent, which already stretches across a formidable 678,000 net acres as of Sept. 30.

The transactions mark BCE-Mach’s tenth and eleventh acquisitions since Ward’s Mach Resources LLC teamed up with Houston-based private equity firm Bayou City Energy Management LLC to pursue a strategy of consolidation within the Midcontinent through the acquisition of oil and gas assets at a discount.

“Our strategy since forming BCE-Mach in 2018 hasn’t changed,” Ward, who serves as CEO of BCE-Mach, commented in a company release on Dec. 9.

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Emily Patsy

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