In partnership with the National Oil Company of Liberia, TGS will reprocess seismic data for multiple clients offshore Liberia.

This initiative will rejuvenate the remaining 2D and 3D data in the country’s prospective Liberia and Harper basins, TGS said in a June 10 press release. The project will integrate existing legacy datasets to create a unified velocity model.

The reprocessed products will benefit exploration through a continuous dataset of several vintages by providing continuous seismic attributes at target levels across the entire margin.

TGS recently completed the first phase of reprocessing 12,097 km of 2D legacy seismic data offshore Liberia, with a second phase currently underway to reprocess an additional 12,675 km over the Liberia and Harper basins.

 Additionally, TGS plans to reprocess 15,616 sq. km of legacy 3D seismic data in the Liberia Basin.