Today’s smartphones have more processing power than the computing system NASA used to put a man on the moon and bring him home more than 50 years ago. The shared similarity is that without a steady supply of electric power, each would be a useless block of assembled raw materials.

On land, at sea or on the seabed, the challenge of providing a steady supply of electrical power to thirsty industrial consumers is a global one. For the oil and gas industry, the shift from topsides operations to subsea operations is underway. Ensuring safe and reliable subsea operations requires a safe and reliable source of electrical power.

Eduardo Cardoso, director of subsea processing technologies with TechnipFMC, discusses the company’s Subsea Power Distribution Station (SPDS)—a 2020 Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on New Technology award winner—the challenge of powering subsea systems and more in this E&P Plus inaugural “Innovation Spotlight.”

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