Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: There's a new camera on the market that integrates video and ultrasound to give operators a clearer picture of what they're seeing downhole. This is Tech Trends at URTeC with Hart Energy LIVE.

Tobben Tymons, visual analytics director, EV: First of all, it's the integration of video and ultrasound to create a new type of imaging system. And the reason we've gone this route is that every technology has a strength and limitation, and we've tried to combine two leading imaging technologies to maximize their combined strengths and overcome their individual weaknesses to give a clearer, more concise picture of what's happening downhole. And when we apply that to hydraulic fracturing, particularly looking at perforation erosion, which is the primary application we can help operators improve the efficiency of their wells, achieve greater performance, and hopefully greater value at the end of it. We've partnered with a leading company in Archer to bring this technology to market. So with the two experts on their combined disciplines working together we actually brought this to market really quickly and immediately have had a fantastic response. We can turn this to a range of applications not just unconventional wells and hydraulic fracturing, but offshore installations, other parts of the world geographically. So I think there's a limitless opportunity for this technology to provide that clearer picture and reveal the truth with data that you can trust.

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