On-demand activation enhances proven reamer technology

The Rhino XC on-demand reamer from Schlumberger, available through Smith Services, features a fast-acting activation system that eliminates the need for time-consuming pump-down activation devices. The new tool has been run in applications with losses, kicks, inclination in excess of horizontal, demanding shock and vibration situations, and where directional control problems previously have been experienced. It can effectively enlarge well bores for improved casing running, cementing clearance, and equivalent circulating density control.

The on-demand reaming tool provides unlimited activation of the flow actuation system to reliably enlarge boreholes, the company said. Building on the Rhino XS hydraulically expandable reamer technology, the tool’s ream-on-demand actuation system provides complete control of reamer cutter block deployment regardless of a well’s inclination angle.

According to the company, the reamer can be placed below inner diameter-restricted bottomhole assembly components such as LWD and MWD tools, providing maximum flexibility for operations where simultaneous drilling and hole enlargement reliability are essential.

With actuation control through flow, the reaming mode can be changed in only 10% of the time it typically takes to activate a reamer requiring a pump-down device such as ball-drop technology. slb.com/RhinoXC? .

Alternative flowback proppant reduces environmental footprint

Preferred Sands has introduced its RCS Garnet non-phenolic coated proppant as an alternative to traditional phenolic products used in high-temperature environments that require an activator to create the particle-to-particle bonding necessary for flowback control in low-temperature wells.

Optimal for such environments, the new proppant can consistently create particle-to-particle bonding in conditions as low as 32°C (90°F) without the use of an activator, which minimizes chemical leaching, reducing costs as well as the environmental impact, the company said.

The proppant is included in the Preferred RCS line, the first clean non-phenolic coating line designed specifically for the oil and gas industry in full production. preferredsands.com? .

Downhole tool systems undergoes drillstring pressure testing

Developed to improve downhole tool cycling and control in various applications, the Mechanical Extrusion (MX) and Smart Dart systems have been successfully deployed for leak detection in preemptive drillstring pressure-testing on the UK Continental Shelf prior to ultra-critical high-pressure phases.

According to Churchill Drilling Tools, its MX system was first deployed in Norway in 2011 with shearing accuracy results of 99.6%. With no preconfiguration required, the flexible testing system uses the Smart Darts technology for multicycle control and precision in downhole operations and to test a drill-string to a specific preset pressure. The MX system’s robustness and resilience to HP/HT environments enables it to deliver greater speed, reliability, and performance compared to conventional ball activation, the company said. A key benefit of the system is that it can perform multiple tests at various pressures in a single run. It also can be run in any length of pipe, at any angle or temperature, and with any type of circulation fluid. Additional benefits: full circulation can be regained between each test, and the shear-out point can be accurately modified by altering the dart’s pins before it is dropped. circsub.com? .

Improving well integrity in challenging drilling conditions

Delivery of the Non-Stop Driller (NSD) continuous circulation system has been expanded for use in conventional overbalanced drilling, deepwater operations, extended-reach drilling of long high-angle or horizontal sections, HP/HT wells, air and foam drilling, managed-pressure drilling, and underbalanced drilling.

Managed Pressure Operations International Ltd.’s NSD system maintains constant bottomhole pressure (BHP), enabling continuous hole-cleaning during connections, which can prevent wellbore ballooning and connection gas buildup. Constant BHP also prevents hole collapse, reduces stuckpipe incidents, and improves ROP.

The NSD sub consists of a ball valve and custom-designed, high-pressure side entry connection valve designed for pressure to 10,000 psi (a 15,000-psi system is under development). The system also can be rapidly prepared to accommodate any drilling pipe connection size and type, according to the company, and is the only continuous circulation sub system available for 6 5/ 8 -in. drillpipe. managed-pressure.com? .

Upgraded software workflows advance reservoir interpretation

Austin GeoModeling (AGM) has released the latest version of its 3-D geological interpretation software, RECON 4.2, which the company said delivers increased workflow flexibility and efficiency through extended platform support and an enhanced, more intuitive user experience.

Upgraded features to improve data mining, data management, knowledge integration, and advanced geological interpretation include:

  • A new module for horizontal well interpretation;
  • New well placement workflows using engineering data integration;
  • Extended 2-D seismic visualization capabilities; and
  • Landmark OpenWorks R5000 enhancements.

These new capabilities allow geoscientists to speed up the correlation of complex horizontal wells, the company said, and also help with managing large projects and transferring data from one project to another.

According to AGM, the updated data are redisplayed in 3-D, section, and map view simultaneously, providing immediate feedback during interpretation. austingeo.com? .

Integrated flowmetering solution provides accurate subsea well data

An integrated flowmetering solution by Solartron ISA eliminates the need to manually enter complex flow algorithms into a master control system and is compatible with other subsea project equipment such as ROVs, subsea trees, gathering lines, and available power and communication protocols.

According to the company, the built-in Seastream Flo-Calculator offers advanced accuracy through a direct flow measurement output, which can result in lower cost and enhanced well production. The FloCalculator located within digital Seastream digital flowmeters produces the differential pressure and pressure variables as standard, and the process temperature can be fed in from a network master manually or read directly from an external sensor. The mass flow, actual volumetric, and standard volumetric flow rates are then provided along with standard process variable outputs in accurate flow rate measurements. The solution also offers a high level of customization with advanced set-up parameters, Solartron said, including temperature correction method, actual fluid density method, polynomial coefficients, and meter calibration data. solartronisa.com? .

Rigless intervention system offers offshore options

The Mastiff rigless intervention system (RIS) was initially conceived for wellbore tubular extraction during well abandonment and conductor pre-installation activities; however, the system could potentially be used in various offshore well servicing and construction activities, according to EFC Group.

For example, the RIS provides operators with an alternative method for carrying out pipe installation and retrieval operations, which can require a costly offshore rig, reducing the cost of abandonment, workover, and drive-pipe pre-installation operations, the company said.

The Mastiff RIS design supports pulling and cutting of 15-m (50-ft) sections of greater than 36-in. conductor pipe, inner casing, and cement – a significant improvement over casing jack systems that typically work with 1.5-m (5-ft) sections, according to the company. The substructure design can accommodate a wide range of platform layouts to achieve a “turn up and assemble” capability without the need for platform modification, and the portable solution also can be quickly dismantled into standard shipping containers for more cost-effective transport to international locations.

Recently, the company announced it has delivered a mechanical handling contract to provide an RIS for Baker Hughes. efcgroup.net? .