A range of options for hydraulic fracturing of multiple stages

Schlumberger multistage fracturing systems are designed to stimulate multiple stages efficiently and effectively. These systems—cemented and uncemented— can be used in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. Expedite frac plug millout and reduce debris size or even eliminate milling altogether with three new frac plugs from Schlumberger: FracXion Micro fully composite frac plug, FracXion Ultra HP/HT fully composite frac plug and the ReacXion Complete fully dissolvable frac plug, according to a company product annoucement. Available in a range of sizes, pressure ratings and temperature ratings, and equipped with antipreset measures, these plugs help operators reach first oil faster. slb.com

Wireline connector minimizes delays, increases safety

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has released the Quick-Latch connector to its portfolio of Elmar wireline equipment and technologies. The QuickLatch is an integrated wireline pressure control equipment connector designed to minimize delays at the fracturing site while increasing the safety of site personnel, according to the company. The connector has a combined quick test/load test feature and an interlock, preventing inadvertent opening when well pressure is present. Also, the elimination of complex external moving parts and catch points help to make operation and maintenance simpler. The unit also features a failsafe friction lock in case of hydraulic pressure loss. The standard QuickLatch connector is available for 12,500-psi working pressure H2S service, and a 15,000-psi version is available on request. nov.com

Wireline logging sensor delivers about eight times more data

Halliburton Co. has released the Xaminer Magnetic Resonance (XMR) service, the industry’s only high-pressurerated (35,000-psi) downhole sensor that provides comprehensive nuclear magnetic resonance measurements to improve reservoir insight, according to a press release. The XMR service delivers more detailed formation data, including 2-D and 3-D fluid characterization, carbonate pore-size classification, unconventional analysis and permeability. The service can acquire approximately eight times more data with less than half the power of traditional sensors. It also can be deployed in nearly every openhole logging environment. XMR helps reduce an operator’s capex by eliminating the need for multiple sensors. XMR acquires reservoir information in a single pass to increase reliability and improve data quality. It also can log up and down a well, and operators can retrieve multiple logging passes in one trip, which is critical in poor hole conditions. Also, the data fit seamlessly into advanced integrated analysis platforms such as ShaleXpert, TurbiditeXpert, CarbondateXpert and TightGasXpert services. halliburton.com

E-commerce platform provides enhanced user experience

Hexacom, a division of Schlumberger Technology Corp., has released The Oilfield Marketplace, an e-commerce platform that connects oil and gas industry professionals with the products, services and information they need to optimize their assets, according to a press release. The Oilfield Marketplace provides a seamless online experience that makes ordering oilfield products as easy as ordering a book. The initial release is for customers in the U.S. and includes hundreds of products that can be purchased with a credit card. The Oilfield Marketplace launches with several Schlumberger drilling, completions and solids control services, including brands such as DRILCO, Dyna-Drill, M-I SWACO and Smith Bits. The Oilfield Marketplace is Hexacom’s inaugural venture and marks its first step toward providing oilfield professionals with a digital platform to help them get their jobs done in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. The e-commerce platform can rapidly identify the solutions that meet a user’s need for efficient transactions and swift fulfillment. This e-commerce platform also will provide an enhanced user experience to help customers find the solutions they need. Oilfield professionals can now order products and services quickly wherever they are located. theofmp.com, slb.com

Modular control system reduces false alarms

Dräger has released its Regard 7000, a modular control system for monitoring various gases and vapors, a press release stated. The system’s flexible expandability ensures long-term viability for gas detection systems of increasing complexity. The Regard 7000 offers up to a maximum of 1,536 combined channel inputs and outputs. It is backward compatible with previous Regard systems. The system processes analog transmitter input signals supporting remote access via a highway-addressable remote transducer, which simplifies installation, configuration, maintenance and documentation of the gas detection system. A Modbus remote terminal unit output is available for retransmitting gas detection data to higher-level systems. The most demanding alarm logic sequences can be easily programmed, such as delays for process optimization. The masterless system architecture of the Regard 7000 prevents the entire system from failing if one component fails (single point of failure). It is easy to add independent subsystems. False alarms and false faults are effectively reduced by optimized signal conditioning filters, manual alarm suppression and the automatic comparison of analog and digital transmissions. Special analog transmitter signals, such as errors or warnings, are indicated as text messages, making them easy for anyone to identify. The system’s simple, easy-to-read menu layout with userfriendly icons also simplifies operations and increases a plant’s safety. draeger.com

Onsite rig crew training service educates with critical decision-making skills

Wild Well Control Inc., a Superior Energy Services company, has released its rig site well control Crew Training Unit, according to a press release. The training service aims to educate drilling rig crews and prepare crews to recognize well control issues and understand how to safely shut in oil and gas wells. The training can be tailored to address specific well control concerns and also reviews the indicative signs of well kicks, critical decision-making skills in a collaborative format, proper drilling techniques and proper shut-in procedures. The service will be initially available in the Permian Basin region to provide localized training, well intervention and emergency response equipment currently staged for quick deployment. The Crew Training Unit prepares rig crew members to maintain well control when a kick occurs during live drilling operations, helping improve a rig crew’s knowledge, understanding and awareness of well control. wildwell.com

Corrosion-resistant full metal gasket prevents leaks in critical infrastructure

Clock Spring Co. Inc. has released its Full Metal Gasket, delivering a permanent, zero-emissions, nonleaking seal. The Clock Spring Full Metal Gasket is the world’s only DNV GL type approved gasket for zero emissions, a press release stated. The CNC-milled gasket is manufactured from a single block of metal using the same material as the surrounding pipe and flange, so it shares identical characteristics and can expand and contract in line with the adjoining infrastructure to maintain a permanent, zero-emissions, nonleaking seal. The gasket design includes specially milled ridges that make up the metalto- metal seal. The ridges deform according to the surface of the flange and seal a 0.3-mm groove. Compression produced by the V-shaped rings that create the seal make installation easy, reducing the torque required to tighten the flange by almost 70%. clockspring.com

Customized treatment programs show increases in safety, profitability

A new, customizable treatment program, known as the AssurEOR line, was developed by Locus Bio-Energy Solutions for improving production and safety. The AssurEOR line consists of AssurEOR FLOW treatments for paraffin dispersal and wellbore cleaning and Assur- EOR STIM treatments for EOR, according to a press release. All of the products were developed using nonbacterial, microbial-based formulations that are highly potent yet nontoxic, making them safer alternatives to chemicals that provide even better results. The program utilizes Locus Bio-Energy’s fermentation process, allowing each treatment to be fully customized to specific regional and well characteristics, which maximizes performance. The personalized AssurEOR products are available for use in the Appalachian, Powder River and Permian basins, with plans for additional expansion. locusbioenergy.com

Explosion-proof thermostat operational under harsh conditions

Larson Electronics LLC has released an explosion-proof thermostat rated at 480V AC that offers temperature control for hazardous industrial facilities, a press release stated. This unit has a temperature limit range of -45 C to 80 C (49 F to 176 F) and has a set point knob system powered by a single pole, double throw (SPDT) snap-action switch, which allows operators to adjust the device. The EXP-TSTAT-120.480-86F explosion-proof thermostat provides accurate temperature control for heating, cooling and ventilation systems located in facilities where flammable gases, vapors or dust exist or may exist. larsonelectronics.com

Monitoring and control services assist with metering pump, water treatment applications

LMI, a brand of Accudyne Industries, has released two new technologies: the cloud-based LMI Connect smart monitoring service for water treatment applications and the 7000 Series controller, which provides multiparameter monitoring and control for metering pumps. The LMI Connect service provides real-time remote system access from desktop or mobile devices by connecting with the LIQUITRON 7000 Series controller via an embedded 4G/LTE cellular modem, according to a company press release. Everything needed to connect—including wireless data management, secure protocols, cloud storage, web portal and the dashboard app (which works on iOS and Android devices)—is provided in a turnkey fashion, making it easy for water treaters and plant operators to deploy the software seamlessly. The LMI Connect service, developed in partnership with AMI Global, shows realtime status and provides alerts that notify users of changes or interruptions in the process. Also, the 7000 Series controller features a 7-in. full-color touchscreen and an intuitive user interface offering seamless setup and operation in six different languages. The Setup Wizard simplifies installation with step-by-step configurations for common applications, making it easy to establish sensor parameters and pump set points. It also makes it easy to remotely control pump flow rates as process conditions change. accudyneindustries.com, amiglobal.com

Fleet management technology provides flexibility

Gorilla Safety has released its new oil and gas product that allows entities to save time, money and operate more safely with greater visibility into operations, according to a press release. The bundle offers Dynamic Logbook Management for transparency into driver availability and history, allowing easy driver management. Also, its Dynamic Daily Vehicle Inspection Report allows configuration of vehicle inspection to account for specialized equipment, different circumstances and operational requirements. The system easily allows for managing unidentified driving logs records, and Multiple Fleet Manager capability helps maintain privacy and organization and offers the ability to add multiple fleet managers at any level through an advanced permission-based system. gorillasafety.com

Companies to strengthen digital offerings through collaboration

Siemens and Aker Solutions have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to further develop digital offerings in engineering, operations and services, a press release stated. The collaboration focuses on the creation of software applications and joint service offerings including the development of industrial digital twins that will drive efficiency throughout the entire plant life cycle. In addition, the companies will further develop specific offerings for the oil and gas sector based on Siemens’ Comos engineering platform. These solutions will help reduce engineering and operational costs and enable improved decision- making. The agreement builds on a long-standing, successful relationship between both companies by combining individual strengths and promoting joint offerings. Aker Solutions will bring in its domain expertise and sector-specific digital offerings in field development, asset performance and integrity, while Siemens will provide a wide range of digital offerings for the process industries, ranging from automation equipment to software applications for engineering and simulation. akersolutions. com, siemens.com

First transformative predictive maintenance product for fast-growing ESP sector

In November 2018, eLynx Technologies launched its Predictive Analytics as a Service (PAaaS) for electric submersible pumps (ESPs). The new product offers oilfield managers maintenance forecasts about ESPs and empowers them to fix ESP problems before they emerge. The result is a reduction of downtime for ESPs as well as the prevention of damaging events, according to a company press release. “[With this product], we expect to save an average of $7,000 a month per well, with some savings rising to $13,000 a month,” said eLynx Founder and CEO Steve Jackson. “These estimates are based on proof of concepts we have been executing.” elynxtech.com

Environmentally friendly subsea pipeline decommissioning tool developed

Hydraulic subsea tools specialist, Webtool, is developing a fast intervention tool (FIT) for subsea pipeline decommissioning in conjunction with Chevron Energy Technology Co. The tool will crimp, seal and cut the pipe reducing the potential for contamination of the marine environment, potentially removing the requirement for a containment dome during pipeline cutting, and minimizing diver intervention, a press release stated. The FIT is a modular design that combines lifting, crimping, injection and cutting in a single lifting and deployment frame, which also contains the hydraulic control system. Webtool has completed a FIT conceptual design and in-house development and testing. It is preparing a working prototype for hyperbaric and sea trials. allspeeds.co.uk

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