O&M database maps all major UK energy facilities across all sectors

The Energy Industries Council (EIC) has released its newest business development tool, EICAssetMap, a press release stated. EICAssetMap is an interactive operations and maintenance (O&M) database that maps all major U.K. energy facilities across all sectors (oil and gas, power, nuclear, and renewables)—the only database of its type to do so. Users can search for facilities by location, sector and operator. The database, which is updated daily by the EIC’s expert analysts, charts the full life cycle of energy facilities from startup to decommissioning. As well as giving an overview of the facilities, it also provides contact information for the site operators and many of their contractors. EICAssetMap is also tablet-friendly so that it can be used on the move. the-eic.com

New cloud-based production management technology

Paradigm has released Paradigm k, its new production management solution, a press release stated. The technology is a cloud-based collaborative workflow for production and reservoir engineers to support field operations in maintenance and management of the well system. The workflow applies fast and rigorous reservoir physics to real-time decision-making using advanced computational mathematics. With advanced tools for surveillance, optimization and collaboration, Paradigm k helps asset teams achieve an elevated level of situational awareness to meet field production targets and eliminate deferment. “The Paradigm k technology provides unprecedented speed and a holistic view of physical measurements and critical production performance metrics at the resolution of individual wells. This helps detect production issues before they transpire and enables truly proactive production management at the speed of today’s oilfield operations,” said Indy Chakrabarti, Paradigm’s senior vice president of Product Management. pdgm.com

New drillbit for high-energy applications

Halliburton has released its GeoTech HE drillbit, which incorporates new features and materials to deliver enhanced performance and increased reliability in today’s high-energy drilling systems characterized by very high weight-on-bit and drilling torque, a press release stated. GeoTech HE (high-energy) bits are built to function in challenging conditions. Both the matrix and steel platforms incorporate unique design geometries and features focused on high-energy systems. The new matrix body incorporates a blend of materials, and the new steel body is machined from an advanced alloy material. Both are formulated for increased strength and durability under high torsional and axial loads. Each bit begins with Halliburton’s Design at the Customer Interface Process, which deploys a global network of technical experts who engage directly with customers for optimization of bit design for a specific application. This process accelerates development and eliminates the lengthy and expensive trial-and-error approach. For an operator in the Williston Basin Geo- Tech HE drillbits reliably increased drilling speed and decreased the number of days to drill a lateral by 14%. Introduction of the new technology helped increase reliability by reducing the occurrence of high-energy bit damage, resulting in zero failure rates to date. halliburton.com

RSS designed for vertical drilling applications

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has added the VectorEXAKT rotary steerable system (RSS) to its ReedHycalog portfolio, which includes high-performance rotary steerable technologies, downhole tools, drillbits and optimization services, the company said. The VectorEXAKT RSS, which was designed for vertical drilling applications, provides an inclination monitoring system within 1 m (4 ft) of the bit. This allows the tool to quickly identify any wellbore deviation, and the tool’s four steering ribs autonomously maintain precise verticality. With an optional gamma ray sensor placed 1.5 m (5 ft) from the bit, the tool helps users identify formation changes and casing points with confidence. The VectorEXAKT system uses patented calibration methods to drill vertical holes within centimeters of the well plan, and the system recently drilled a 390-m (1,280-ft) vertical hole, maintaining inclination below 0.06 degrees for the entire run with a deviation of less than 1 in. nov.com

Multipurpose inspection tool provides precise casing measurements

Probe Technologies Holdings Inc. has released the new iQ multipurpose inspection tool that provides quantitative measurements of well casing thickness and inner diameter as well as a comprehensive analysis of casing material properties, a press release stated. The tool operates in high-pressure wellbores, including those in highly deviated and horizontal wells, up to 20,000 psi and in temperatures as high as 175 C (347 F). Unlike other well integrity evaluation tools, the iQ is the only one that provides an economic, reliable and simple method of gathering accurate quantitative casing thickness measurements with azimuthal sensitivity to carry out comprehensive casing material property analysis, according to Probe. probe1.com

Acoustic resonator for stuck-pipe retrieval

Vibration Technology has been doing business using a resonant vibrator that acoustically resonates stuck pipe to free it from its constraints—deepest extraction is 6,183 m (20,285 ft). The company’s new RESONATOR employs a double-acting hydraulic cylinder with a high-speed switching valve assembly capable of frequencies up to 180 Hz with independent control of frequency, power output and amplitude and employs spectral analysis to identify the multiple resonant frequencies available all the way up to 180 Hz, a press release stated. The RESONATOR does not operate at frequencies close to those of the drilling or workover rig; hence, the environment is very quiet without any ancillary vibrations going into the traveling block. Higher frequencies of operation of the RESONATOR allow shearing to take place between the steel of the stuck pipe and the formation material, grabbing it as opposed to compaction that occurs at lower frequencies. These high frequencies also allow casing to be driven past constrictions in the curve-and-sail sections of deviated/horizontal wellbores. petroresonance.com

Platform centralizes processes, removes unnecessary manual interactions for employees

Progressly is offering a single platform that increases efficiencies and productivity, the company said. Enterprises are plagued with difficult-to-use, antiquated business process solutions that prevent users from running their operations efficiently and effectively. Progressly enables enterprises to document processes, collaborate and gain contextual insights to business outcomes. Companies such as Shell, Valero and others rely on the Progressly platform to create a better way of working by centralizing processes and removing unnecessary manual interactions for all employees. progressly.com

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