Well service pump fluid ends designed to maximize durability

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has released the next generation of well service pump fluid ends designed to maximize durability and facilitate ease of maintenance to lower total cost of ownership. Geometry exhibits peak stresses within 5% of a Y-Block design with the ease of maintenance of a valve-over-valve design. Additionally, the new fluid end provides a 26% increase in flow area around suction and discharge valves, which reduces cavitation and fluid-end washouts, and a 40% reduction in bore-intersection stress. The fluid end’s new geometry also optimizes the autofrettage process, which was validated using strain gauges. A two-piece valve retainer greatly improves ease of assembly and gives line-of-sight confirmation for proper alignment not present with other grooveless fluid ends, while discharge flange design allows full access for impact and torque wrenches. A wing-style gauge connection retainer eliminates the cheater bar, significantly increasing safety and reducing the likelihood of component damage. nov.com

Use one gas detector for multiple applications

Industrial Scientific has released a new version of the Ventis slide-on pump. The pump is compatible with Ventis MX4 and Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors. It is ideal for workers who typically wear their gas monitors for personal protection but occasionally require a pump for confined space entries or remote sampling applications. The Ventis slide-on pump reduces the need for workers to carry two or more gas detection instruments at one time. indsci.com/vsp

Digitalize, manage environmental monitoring and oil spill detection

Total E&P Norge (Total) has chosen Aptomar’s tactical collaboration and management system, TCMS, to digitalize and manage environmental monitoring and oil spill detection at its Martin Linge Field, according to a press release. The contract value is undisclosed. The TCMS will combine subsea, topside and aerial oil spill detection sensors into one common operating picture. Aptomar will customize, commission and maintain a common operating picture for the environmental monitoring at Martin Linge. The purpose of this oil spill detection common operating picture is to provide an overview of all available sensor information in relevance for prevention, detection and monitoring of hydrocarbon leakage to sea, all in the same surveillance interface. The digitalization of the environmental monitoring on Martin Linge will ensure efficient and robust oil spill detection achieved at a lower cost than using conventional methods. The oil spill detection common operating picture will enable Total to detect significant acute discharges within the required time frame and ensure that satisfactory expertise and methods are available for determining the position, extent, quantity and compatibility of unintended discharges. aptomar.com

System helps combat constraints faced by subsea operators

L&N Scotland has released the Synthesis system, which is designed to combat the current constraints faced by subsea operators during product integration stages, a press release stated. The new system, designed and developed by L&N Scotland, showcases a significant advancement in the application of small-bored tubing packages by offering a fully commissioned package complete with a premanufactured and “ready-to-fit” kit of parts through a single purchase order. While conventional methods for obtaining a complete subsea system have commonly required operators to procure all component parts through multiple suppliers and purchase orders, Synthesis provides an alternative option that eliminates the complexity associated with these traditional methods. By implementing these services, such as early design engineering engagement, Synthesis ensures that product design and execution models are optimized and routed bespoke to any subsea structure. As a result, Synthesis can be deployed across a full breadth of subsea applications ranging from manifolds, christmas trees and umbilical termination assemblies to subsea distribution units. lnscotland.com

New possibilities for HR3D survey configurations

Sercel has released Sentinel HR, a high-resolution solid streamer designed to meet the specific imaging needs of shallow-target applications such as oceanology, civil engineering and reservoir characterization as well as high-resolution 3-D (HR3D) seismic surveys for detailed mapping of geological features, a press release stated. The latest Sentinel streamer has been developed with a close channel separation of 3.125 m (10 ft) to achieve reliable and cost-effective high-resolution surveys. Recent enhancements available in Sercel’s new-generation Seal 428 marine seismic recorder allow a higher channel count, enabling up to 6 km (3.7 miles) of Sentinel HR to be deployed with full data and power redundancy to ensure nonstop acquisition, opening up new possibilities for HR3D survey configurations. The Sentinel HR also adapts to all types of survey spreads, from comb deployment to larger configurations integrating the Nautilus steering system. In addition, Sentinel HR can provide marine mammal monitoring when combined with Sercel’s QuietSea passive acoustic monitoring system, which is seamlessly integrated into the seismic streamers. cgg.com

Multibeam sonar designed for shallow-water operations

Tritech International Ltd., a Moog Inc. company, has released its latest multibeam sonar, the Gemini 720ik, a press release stated. The product is the newest addition to the existing Gemini product range. The sonar was developed specifically for shallow- water operations with low power consumption and compressed high-intensity radar pulse processing, which allows greater image definition at longer range. The small compact unit is also much lighter when compared to the Gemini 720is, making it ideal for smaller ROVs. The Gemini 720ik provides real-time target tracking capabilities using SeeByte’s advanced tracking analytics. The integrated software allows users to distinguish and track objects within a wide 120-degree view. tritech.co.uk

Review drone data, perform inspections from a desktop

Industrial Skyworks has released Blue VU advanced software for the accurate and efficient inspection of buildings and oil and gas infrastructure, a press release stated. The company’s new Blue VU software will relieve inspectors, engineers and technicians from sifting through thousands of images while providing safe visual access to hard-to-reach locations such as the roofs of buildings, fl are stacks and storage tanks. Drone inspection services enable businesses to review their drone data and perform inspections from their desktops. These tools allow users to carry out drone inspections safely and identify problems early without spending a lot of time or money. industrialskyworks.com

Improving proppant transport in fracture stages

GEODynamics Inc.’s Engineered Perforating Solutions Division has begun field-testing the latest addition to its family of “Multi-Stage Plug and Perf” products, a press release stated. SandIQ Optimized Perforating for Diversion is undergoing field evaluations in the Permian and Bakken regions. The SandIQ system generates optimized perforating geometry that leads to improved proppant transport in fracture stages. In addition, SandIQ uses constant and consistent perforating entry holes and penetration depths in wells regardless of gun position, well casing and formation. perf.com

System improves riser integrity management

Stress Engineering Services Inc. was awarded one of the Offshore Technology Conference’s Spotlight on New Technology Awards for its Real-time Fatigue Monitoring System (RFMS), a press release stated. The RFMS was developed to provide field measurements of stress and fatigue on drilling risers, wellheads and other subsea systems in near-real time. The RFMS significantly improves riser integrity management by using measured data and advanced algorithms at strategic locations to reconstruct stress and fatigue damage along the entire riser. It integrates this approach into a fully automated real-time environment. stress.com

Cyberrisk platform for threat monitoring

Deloitte plans to expand its cyber-risk platform for endto- end industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technologies (OT) security with next-generation technology enabled by Dragos, a press release stated. ICS and OT threat monitoring technology can facilitate a better understanding of the vulnerabilities embedded in these systems, thus allowing industrial concerns with such interconnected networks to gauge the likelihood of an event and adequately scenario-plan. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Cyber Risk Services’ end-to-end ICS offering can help organizations manage their cyberrisks in the ICS and OT environments by using a combination of cybersecurity products and services. This combination brings hunting and reconnaissance capabilities that allow organizations to look beyond internal data to threat documentation found in external databases. This combination of cyber-risk services and technologies also can provide a more complete picture of an organization’s ICS and OT threat landscape through active monitoring that can better inform scenario planning and response. deloitte.com/us/en

Wellsite surveillance offers scalability, analytics and efficient data management

MOBOTIX AG and Dover Energy Automation have partnered to create the “Sight Optimization” technology for oil and gas well sites, a press release stated. The partnership integrates MOBOTIX’s suite of smart cameras with Dover Energy Automation Production Optimization’s XSPOC artificial lift optimization software platform. The partnership creates a comprehensive wellsite surveillance product that offers scalability, analytics and efficient data management. The powerful xVision module within the XSPOC artificial lift optimization software integrates audio/video feeds and detection events from MOBOTIX’s line of smart IP cameras. The intelligent 3-D motion-detection low-bandwidth high-quality image capabilities of the smart IP and autonomous cameras, combined with the wellsite artificial lift intelligence built into the XSPOC optimization software, will allow production optimization personnel to realize increased levels of situational wellsite awareness, reduce windshield time and streamline responses to wellsite events and incidents. dovercorporation.com, MOBOTIX.com

System protects cables from abrasion

Trelleborg’s offshore operation has released Buoyant Uraduct, a protection system for subsea cables, umbilicals, flowlines and hoses, a press release stated. Buoyant Uraduct protects cables from abrasion and impact. The protection system reduces the crush risk at crossing locations by reducing the overall weight of a subsea cable. Made from highly buoyant materials, the protection system also minimizes drag and lift, avoiding possible stability issues. Buoyant Uraduct can be used for subsea cables, which can be customized for customer specifications for buoyancy, pipeline diameter and multiple subsea configurations. It is also a suitable alternative to subsea crossing bridges and can be installed on the cable or pipeline before it is laid on the seabed. trelleborg.com

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