Tackling wellsite-related geohazards
During well planning oil companies need advice from specialists for both shallow hazard assessment and deeper pore pressure prediction. Fugro and Ikon Science have joined forces to offer an integration of these two services, according to a press release. Wellsite geohazards are a problem in many basins worldwide. These are often pressure-related phenomena and are regularly observed along the entire length of a wellbore from immediately subsea to the prospect. In the shallow section before the first pressure containment string is installed they manifest as shallow gas or shallow water flows and in the deeper overburden as drilling kicks and losses. This new integrated service provides a continuous unbroken set of pressure profiles from seabed to total depth. Richard Salisbury, senior consultant from Fugro GeoConsulting, said, “The integrated workflow brings together multiple aspects of subsurface geoscience and provides a better assessment of shallow-section geohazards, many of which are pressure-related. This approach will be particularly useful for wells in shelf to deepwater where data are limited and drilling is expensive.” ikonscience.com

Well construction software helps plan, drill and complete wells
Landmark, a Halliburton business line and provider of E&P software, has released the upgraded EDT 5000.14 (Engineer’s Desktop), a news release stated. EDT delivers added functionality and improved usability to allow engineers to better design, execute and optimize well construction operations. Producers use EDT to design wells from the straightforward to the highly complex. Integration among the different engineering applications helps reduce technical and operational risk as an entire drilling department works from the same information and scientific models. The new EDT delivers added functionality by introducing the CasingWear application, which is designed to deliver more accurate modeling of casing integrity. The EDT suite is powered by Landmark’s DecisionSpace Platform. halliburton.com

Perforator system eliminates explosives
Energy Fishing & Rental Services has released the first commercial perforating system that reliably operates without explosive charges, a press release stated. The Gator Multi-Use Perforating System uses a proprietary hydromechanical design to perforate casing efficiently and effectively with a dramatic increase in safety compared to conventional explosive perforating tools. The design enables repeat use, and the system can perform unlimited perforations in a single trip. The system is currently available with differential pressure ratings of 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi. Applications include water injection well integrity, plug and abandonment, completions, and production. It also eliminates the need for toe sleeves, wet shoes and tubing-conveyed perforating runs. The system can be run in tandem with a coiled tubing cleanout run for well preparations prior to fracturing. Because it eliminates explosives, the Gator Perforator system is ideal for use in highly populated or high-traffic areas. The system is used in vertical and horizontal wells for production and cement squeezes. Other ideal applications include shallow perforating and perforating production casing without damage to surface casing. energyfrs.com Emulsifiers for drilling fluids Ingevity has released its new EnvaMul emulsifier product line. Based on fatty acid chemistry, EnvaMul emulsifiers are designed for oil-based muds in drilling applications where cost is the primary driver, according to a product announcement. The EnvaMul line of emulsifiers perform well in regard to fluid loss, rheology, electrical stability and solids control in a variety of mud systems. ingevity.com

Dust control technology minimizes silica dust generation
ArrMaz’s SandTec, a silica frack sand coating technology, reduces respirable silica dust generated during hydraulic fracturing by up to 99%, a press release stated. Recently the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule requiring industries that generate respirable silica dust to reduce the amount of silica dust their employees are exposed to by 50% within five years. ArrMaz already is helping hydraulic fracturing operations quickly and easily meet the new silica dust exposure limit with SandTec, which applies a microscopic coating to frack sand proppant to control and minimize silica dust generation whenever and wherever proppant is transferred. “SandTec provides continuous protection from silica dust starting from the sand mine all the way to the hydraulic fracturing wellhead. It is easy to apply with no drying or curing required and is biorenewable and biodegradeable, addressing environmental concerns. Field results show it is effective in reducing silica dust to within OSHA’s new exposure limit,” said John Suldickas, commercial manager for oil and gas at ArrMaz. arrmaz.com

Mobile digital charting system performs pressure tests
Braeden Engineering and Consulting LLC has released its new Digital Charting System 1200 series (DCS-1200). The DCS-1200 records and charts data collected from various types of sensors and performs tests based on parameters input by the user. While this technology has a multitude of uses including measuring temperature, torque, pH and more, its initial primary function is performing pressure tests. The DCS-1200 allows users to record, test and view data in real time or remotely. The DCS-1200 package includes a 12.1-in. touch panel PC equipped with Windows 7 Prof OS and the company’s customizable userfriendly charting software capable of displaying multiple charts with multiple pens and simultaneously running tests based on parameters set by the user. braedenengr.com

Enhanced H2S removal additive for oil, gas
BWA Water Additives has released Bellascavenger 70HS, a patent-pending polymer-based solution designed to help enhance the removal of H2S, mercaptan and other impurities from hydrocarbon streams present in the vapor phase of oil and gas production, a product announcement stated. “Field trials show that using Bellascavenger 70HS with triazine to remove H2S enhances the longevity
of the chemical program in applications like bubble towers,” said George Nagle, director of marketing, BWA Water Additives. Bellascavenger 70HS reduces cost by at least 33%, reduces overall chemical consumption and increases field safety, Nagle said. wateradditives.com

Hybrid laser analyzer for continuous gas analysis
Emerson has released the Rosemount CT5100 continuous gas analyzer, the world’s only hybrid analyzer to combine Tunable Diode Laser and Quantum Cascade Laser measurement technologies for process gas analysis and emissions monitoring, a press release stated. The CT5100 is the latest offering in the Emerson CT5000 series, providing a comprehensive analysis. It can detect down to sub-ppm levels for a range of components. The CT5100 can measure up to 12 critical component gases and potential pollutants simultaneously within a single system—meeting local, state, national and international regulatory requirements. The CT5100 operates reliably with no consumables, no infield enclosure and a simplified sampling system that does not require any gas conditioning to remove moisture. The new gas analyzer is designed for process gas analysis, continuous emissions monitoring and ammonia slip applications. The CT5100’s “laser chirp” technique expands gas analysis in both the near- and mid-infrared range, enhancing process insight, improving overall gas analysis sensitivity and selectivity, removing cross interference, and reducing response time. The laser chirp technique produces sharp, well-defined peaks from high-resolution spectroscopy that enable specifi city of identified components with minimum interference and without filtration, reference cells or chemometric manipulations.

Corrosion protection reduces manufacturing costs
In the case of VpCI-371, Cortec’s protection rivals the corrosion resistance of stainless steel while significantly reducing material costs, a press release stated. VpCI-371 is a high-temperature aluminum solvent-borne silicone coating that provides corrosion resistance on metal substrates. It will dry tack-free to 5B hardness in about 20 minutes at room temperature and will achieve 9H hardness after heating. The coating is designed for applications that will reach high temperatures because the coating is heat-stable to 649 C (1,200 F) with prolonged heat resistance from 204 C (400 F) to 649 C. corteccoatings.com

Offshore vessel database provides valuations, GIS mapping service
VesselsValue has released VV Offshore, which provides daily valuations for offshore support vessels as well as full GIS mapping services, showing LNG and oil terminals, wells, platforms, pipelines, gas fields, windfarms, and licenses overlaid on top of the company’s traditional deepsea AIS mapping showing the movement of tanker and offshore support vessels. It is believed to be the only service available that combines offshore vessel search, tracking and valuation with oil and gas structure location. The offshore vessel database was created by a team that spent 12 months prior to the launch of VV Offshore researching the offshore fl eet. Every asset specification is validated by the team using owner websites and comparing to other readily available sources. This includes identifying the ship types and the particular individual specifications that are important for each type. The next stage of development was to value the offshore vessels on the database by scoring the features of the vessels. The values are checked against known sales and independent broker valuations and constantly updated. As well as giving instant valuations and the modules listed above, VV Offshore contains a GIS database of offshore structures. The multilevel GIS mapping displays the position of oil and gas installations relative to the AIS position of any vessel in VV Offshore. The infrastructure data include oil and gas fi elds, platforms, wells, pipelines and terminals, and licenses. vesselsvalue.com

Portable vacuum lifting system a safer alternative to manual lifting
The new PS 1 portable vacuum lifting system from Vacuworx is a cordless tool that offers a portable design, rechargeable battery with eight-hour run time and rugged lightweight construction and has up to a 2,200-lb lift capacity, according to a product announcement. The PS 1 can be used for smaller lifting challenges that come up daily on job sites. The patent-pending portable lifter makes light work out of lifting heavy pieces of concrete, marble, granite, metal, steel and iron. Because it is powered by a 12-v rechargeable battery, the PS 1 is ideal for applications where no power source is available or where no emissions are permitted. Weighing just 25 lb, the “suitcase” lifter can be used indoors or outdoors. vacuworx.com

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