Talos Taps E&P Skills for Carbon Storage Buildout along Gulf Coast

Talos Energy is building a large-scale decarbonization solutions business with the skill sets that made it a leading independent oil and gas producer in the Gulf of Mexico, says CEO and President Tim Duncan.

Talos Taps Oil, Gas Skills to Establish Carbon Storage Economy along Gulf Coast

Talos president and CEO Tim Duncan at Hart Energy’s recent Energy Transition Capital Conference. (Source: Hart Energy)

Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) opportunities are moving past theory as upstream players take strides to make the Gulf Coast a major carbon storage site. As the oil and gas industry shifts to net-zero emissions, large public independent energy company Talos Energy Inc. is relying on its oil and gas expertise to advance CCUS in the region.

“In-house, we have the conventional reservoir and seismic expertise, the data, and the operating expertise,” said Talos president and CEO Tim Duncan at Hart Energy’s recent Energy Transition Capital Conference. “All those things have helped us build and manage the right reputational strength that we want on the E&P side and every ounce of those skills ought to be transferable to what we’re doing on the CCUS side.”

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Mary Holcomb

Mary Holcomb is an Associate Editor for HartEnergy.com's Digital News Group. She contributes to the company’s technology-based content such as subsea, seismic, digital oilfield, etc.