Study: Mexico Flared Record Levels of Gas in 2021

"Flaring peaked in early 2021 but remained high enough throughout the year to beat 2020, which was already a record high," an expert said.

Stefanie Eschenbacher, Reuters

Flaring by the energy sector in Mexico hit record levels last year while the number of sites where gas is burnt off also rose despite government pledges to reduce such activity, research by a leading team of scientists showed.

The practice releases carbon dioxide, black carbon and other pollutants as well as methane, a potent greenhouse gas scientists have linked to global warming. It also wastes usable resources associated with many oil deposits.

Mexico flared 6.5 Bcm of gas in 2021, up from 5.8 Bcm a year earlier, said Tamara Sparks, a researcher at the Earth Observation Group of the Colorado School of Mines, who analyzed NASA satellite images of flare sites for Reuters.

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