Argentines are fed up with high inflation, an overvalued currency and other economic and political issues but are seemingly against privatizing state-owned YPF SA, according to a new study by the Zuban Córdoba agency.

The study, conducted in early May, reveals that 68.2% of the citizens disagree with privatizing the Buenos Aires-based company. It also shows that Argentines are skeptical about making significant changes in the national economic structure.

Approximately 61.7% of the citizens oppose dollarizing the economy, 66.6% are also against privatizing Aerolíneas Argentina, and 49.2% are against eliminating subsidies or social welfare programs. No details on the size of the polling pool were provided by the agency.

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Polls seen favoring pro-market leaders

Argentina, with presidential elections coming in October, is seemingly ready for political change, according to various opinion polls conducted by consulting firms such as D'Alessio-IROL/Berensztein or Jorge Giaccobe.

They point at a shift in the political landscape from statist policies towards a more pro-market orientation.

Opposition candidates such as Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, as well as libertarian candidate Javier Milei, and even candidates from the current ruling party such as Sergio Massa, the current economic minister, are emerging as the frontrunners with the highest chances of becoming the next Argentine president.

However, the room for maneuver for any elected candidate will be limited, so despite the ideological shift, major course corrections are not expected, according to the conclusions from the various polls.