A slew of fresh geopolitical challenges will force LNG players to become market-finders and market-makers, adapting innovative business models to compete, KPMG said in a new report.

“Cost-competitiveness is more crucial than ever as expiring Qatari contracts become available at cash-sustainment cost and [Qatar Petroleum] promises to bring new supply,” KPMG’s Mary Hemmingsen and Divya Reddy wrote in “Choppy waters for global LNG.” “Diverse portfolios—whether as seller, trader or buyer—are needed to manage the risks of price and geopolitics. Companies will want to staff up their political risk and economic forecasting departments as they venture beyond traditional LNG markets.”

Hemmingsen, KPMG’s global head of LNG, and Reddy, practice head for Global Energy & Natural Resources at Eurasia Group, see fundamental market changes taking place driven by a series of events.

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