Look for the down-ballot races and initiatives. It won’t take long. After the choices for White House and Congress, decisions when you vote will be exclusively devoted to state and local matters in a list seemingly as long as, oh, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

As far as the oil and gas industry is concerned, much of the real action of concern takes place in races at the state, county and even municipal level.

“When you talk about environmental law and climate change, the states have always had a large role because they take primacy to implement the federal statutes as well as the state statutes,” Jean Mosites, shareholder in the Pittsburgh-based Babst Calland law firm, told Hart Energy in a video interview. “Looking at the real local level, there are task forces, there are climate plans, there are initiatives for electric vehicles and renewables and building codes—whether you can or cannot have gas hookup in new construction. A lot of interesting things going on and it’s certainly not just federal.”

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