Shell’s board of directors announced the USD, pounds sterling and euro equivalent conversion for the company’s first quarter 2023 interim dividend in a June 12 press release.

Eligible shareholders can choose to receive their dividends as either currencies. Holders of ordinary shares who have validly submitted U.S. dollars, euros or pounds sterling currency elections by June 5 will be entitled to a dividend of US$0.2875 per share, €0.2678 per share or 22.99p per share.

If shareholders do not elect to the contrary, shares held through Euroclear Nederland will automatically be converted to euros, and shares held through the Shell corporate nominee will automatically be converted to pounds sterling.

Euro and pounds sterling dividends payable in cash were converted from U.S. dollars based on an average of market exchange rates from June 7 to June 9.

The dividend will be payable on June 26.