Oilfield technology providers Schlumberger Ltd. and Cognite AS are partnering to integrate Schlumberger's Enterprise Data Solution with Cognite's Data Fusion to filter reservoir, well and facility data into one open platform, according to a joint press release on Sept. 14.

Through the partnership, the two companies will jointly develop compatible applications and solutions for the software systems, with Schlumberger leading as the commercial partner to provide clients with access to the Enterprise Data Solution.

Initially, the partnership will focus on energy industry production operations, allowing customers better data models management, improved time to value and increased value from their asset portfolio.

"Combined with Schlumberger’s Enterprise Data Solution for subsurface, Cognite and Schlumberger are creating the first offering in the market with access to contextualized data in an interoperable platform," Schlumberger president of digital and integration Rajeev Sonthalia commented in the release.

“Together, we will make vast quantities of data easily available for customers to use and innovate at scale quickly, to increase production, improve financial performance, and achieve sustainability goals,” he added.

The combined platform will additionally leverage embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics tools to optimize production while reducing costs and operational footprints, the companies stated.

Paired with Schlumberger's Enterprise tool, Cognite Data Fusion, Cognite's open industrial DataOps platform, will be able to extract better domain-specific applications insights in "flow assurance, process simulation and bespoke AI solutions" at a faster rate.

“Cognite’s partnership with Schlumberger provides customers in the energy sector with a secure, scalable data platform upon which business applications can deliver operational efficiencies and help achieve sustainability goals,” Cognite CEO Girish Rishi added.