Wintershall Dea selected Schlumberger as its preferred partner to contribute to Wintershall's Terra Nova subsurface transformation project, a press release announced on Sept. 22.

The announcement came amid Schlumberger's Digital Forum 2022 in Lucerne, Switzerland, where the company is releasing several new technology solutions.

Through a one-year contract, Schlumberger will deploy its OSDU single reference cloud-based data platform in Wintershall's Microsoft Azure cloud, validating data accessibility, exchangeability and time-to-value for digital improvement by integrating it with petrotechnical workflows and data science tools.


Schlumberger Launches Enterprise Data Solution

“Signing with Schlumberger as strategic partner marks the kick-start of Wintershall Dea’s OSDU-enabled data-driven future and accomplishes our efficient data hub strategy," Wintershall chief technology officer Hugo Dijkgraaf commented in the release.

Schlumberger, through a partnership with Microsoft, was the first to contribute the open source code of its DELFI Data Ecosystem to the OSDU, allowing Wintershall to accelerate its subsurface data delivery and make faster, more informed decisions.

Schlumberger and Microsoft jointly created an energy data platform for the OSDU data platform and is working together through the partnership to advance new energy industry technologies.

“Wintershall Dea will use Schlumberger’s ready-to-deploy Enterprise Data Management solution built specifically for the OSDU to connect people, applications and data that drives its business,” Schlumberger president of digital and integration Rajeev Sonthalia said in the release.

“The openness we helped realize for the OSDU, by making the largest contribution of code to the platform at an early stage, is now unlocking value for Wintershall Dea—democratizing its data, making its systems interoperable and maximizing business performance,” he continued.