Running Short of Gas: Russia's Pipeline Repair Has Europe Worried

Russia cut gas flows through its Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Europe by 40% of the pipeline capacity, triggering worries that Europe will not have enough gas in the winter if this continues.

Nina Chestney and Vera Eckert, Reuters

When Russia turns off the gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for maintenance in July, Europe is starting to worry that it won't turn it back on again.

This week, Russia cut gas flows to Europe to 40% of the pipeline's capacity, blaming delayed equipment repairs and leaving Germany and other European states racing to find alternative supplies to head off the risk of rationing when winter comes.

Now, Europe fears Russian President Vladimir Putin will use a scheduled maintenance program on the pipeline from July 11 to 21 to turn the screws, putting a brake on efforts to refill inventories in retaliation for far-reaching sanctions over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

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