The offshore oil and gas exploration sector is seeing a lot of changeswhether that be through proposed regulations, innovative solutions or possible new collaborations. Hart Energy's Chris Mathews was at the 2023 Offshore Technology Conference to ask people: What does the future of offshore oil and gas exploration look like? Here's what some had to say. 

Marita Sandvoll, communications, BW Offshore Norway: I think it looks a lot like partnerships, kind of people coming together, finding new solutions to do better and to be able to progress the industry into a new direction that we haven't seen before. So it's exciting.

Josh Deshotels, vice president of operations, Proflow Solutions: It looks very positive going forward. I believe just with some of the new regulations that all the customers and all companies are handling right now, everybody's buying into it. So that's a great thing.

Stephanie Zoutenbier, well construction digital production manager and partner applications, Baker Hughes: So I think the biggest thing that really the future of oil and gas exploration is going to look like is a lot of kind of that digital focus and bringing, really, visibility across the operations as a whole. I think that part of the problem that's happened in the past has really been that there hasn't been this whole like, visibility across the entire service, again, as a whole. So I'm pretty excited about that because I'm starting to see bits and pieces of it around, especially here at OTC when you're starting to see digital coming in, collaborations coming in, a lot of this kind of openness and willing to share that's starting to go through so that we're getting rid of these silos that have been going on for a long time.

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