Pratima Rangarajan C-Suite Chat: Energy, Climate and Taking Initiative

Under the leadership of Pratima Rangarajan, OGCI Climate Investments, the independently managed investment arm of CEO-led Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, has backed 80 pilot projects and invested in 29 companies during the past five years. The plan for the next five years? More investments, more innovation and more motivation than ever to limit global warming.

(Photography by Ricardo Merendoni / Oil and Gas Investor)

[Editor's note: A version of this story appears in the August 2022 issue of Oil and Gas Investor magazine.]

A group of the world’s largest member companies of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative teamed up in October 2016, pooled together $1-plus billion to launch an investment fund designed specifically to catalyze a low-carbon industry chain and put a woman with a doctorate in chemical engineering from Princeton University in charge.

Under the leadership of Pratima Rangarajan, OGCI Climate Investments has backed some of North America’s largest carbon capture and sequestration projects, jump-started the U.K.’s carbon capture, utilization and storage hub project in the northeast of the country and supported cross-sector emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) technology that increases efficiency, sustainability and productivity at industrial sites.

Five years in, Rangarajan highlights a “trilemma” of energy concerns and their impacts. This summer, she discussed energy’s climate problems and OGCI Climate Investments’ work to resolve them with Oil and Gas Investor editor-in-chief Deon Daugherty.

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