Pioneer Energy Inc., announced that they have completed a successful field trial of their new Emission Control Treater (ECT) technology. Pioneer partnered with Colorado-based oil producer Bayswater Exploration & Production to deploy and operate the ECT on one of their production locations in Weld County, Colorado. The pilot demonstrated a near-complete elimination of well pad emissions and an 11.3% increase in crude yield.

“ECT can help Bayswater improve our bottom line while helping to achieve our emissions reduction targets,” Bayswater CEO Steve Struna said in a press release.

The ECT pilot validated key aspects of the technology and “exceeded our expectations,” said Pioneer Energy CEO Eyal Aronoff. Aside from increasing the volume of crude produced, the pilot also demonstrated reliable autonomous system operation and produced high-quality, marketable, stabilized crude oil and natural gas.

Pioneer Energy expects to commence commercial production of ECT systems in 2024.