Blackbuck Resources LLC was founded in 2018 in response to water management solutions gaining momentum since the shale boom to design, build and operate water infrastructure in Texas and New Mexico.

There had been some feelings of frustration toward the timing of Houston-based water midstream company’s formation, according to Blackbuck Resources CEO Justin Love, who noted that has since cleared.

“There was a bit of frustration that we may have been a late entry,” Love told Hart Energy’s Jessica Morales. “We have been fortunate in that being a late entry has allowed us to focus on some greenfield projects. They kept us really busy through this tumultuous time,” he added referring to the COVID-19 related downturn.

When looking ahead especially as the U.S. presidential election nears, Love also noted the forward risk involved in the business.

“For us moving into the election, we watch the issues closely,” he said. “We have the lobbyists, we have lawyers. We understand laws and what an administration has the ability to do and what Congress has the ability to do.”

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