Matt Lohstroh and Brent Whitehead have become the talk of the industry this week after CNBC featured the 23-year-old Texas A&M alums and their burgeoning bitcoin empire. The empire, Giga Energy Solutions, by the way is powered by none other than flared natural gas.

And, it all got started with a tweet from a Canadian firm that they happened to see. It wasn’t long before Lohstroh and Whitehead, whose grandfather is a wildcatter and father works for an E&P, were on a plane to Canada to buy a unit that connects to a gas well in East Texas and houses bitcoin miners. That was 2019. In 2021, they made $4 million.

Lohstroh, chatted with Emily Easley, CEO of NOVUS Energy Advisors, about their journey for

They discuss:

  • Getting started (0:38)
  • From landscaping to bitcoin mining (1:30)
  • The basics of bitcoin mining (2:35)
  • Bitcoin obsession (4:27)
  • Contributing to carbon management (5:25)
  • Their business model (6:34)
  • Vision for the future of the company (7:48)
  • Team of ‘six-figure blue collar workers’ (9:07)
  • Customers and contracts (10:21)
  • Funding (11:36)