OSLO, Norway—Although Aker BP is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to operators, having been formed in 2015, they are one of the most progressive companies in the sector. When Karl Johnny Hersvik joined the company as CEO in 2014, there were about 380 employees, with 1,200 barrels of production. Today the company has approximately 1,700 employees, about 160,000 of equity production, operating 320,000 barrels of oil equivalence and five operating hubs across the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

“We're growing almost like a tech start-up,” Hersvik says. “Two orders of magnitude in production and one order of magnitude in employees over four years. It's a quite atypical oil and gas company.” Aside from that unique growth model, the other standout characteristic is that they operate almost all of their production above 99%. This allows them to shape their own desired strategy.

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