Black Bear Transmission LLC subsidiary Ozark Gas Transmission placed its supply access project in service on April 8, Black Bear announced April 18.

The supply access project consists of two miles of natural gas loop pipeline, a new compressor station and two new pipeline interconnects. The additional facilities provide access to new supply interconnections to major interstate pipelines from the east end of the Ozark Transmission system.

A need for the project was shown after Winter Storm Uri in February 2021 caused disruptions to gas supply reliability for Ozark shippers.

Arkansas Oklahoma Gas (AOG), Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. (AECC) and Black Hills Energy have all signed long-term transportation agreements.

“AOG will now have expanded access to natural gas infrastructure, elevating the reliability of our service and helping to stabilize natural gas prices,” said J.T. Toys, senior director of gas supply and transportation for AOG, in the press release. “Projects like this only occur when industry stakeholders collaborate and prioritize customer satisfaction with the goal of achieving the best results for our consumers.”

“AECC appreciates the increased flexibility with supply options and improved reliability the completion of the project is expected to bring for delivering natural gas to two of its power plants,” said Andrew Lachowsky, AECC’s vice president of market operations.

Black Bear Transmission LLC is a Basalt portfolio company.