The further development of unconventional shale oil and gas production has growing demands for operation pressure and rate. The increasing depth of wells creates higher pressure and rate requirements. In a large-scale frac operation when more continuous working hours are required, higher requirement for the frac equipment, especially for the frac pumps, is needed. Jereh engineers, based on pump performance parameters and configuration, have developed the 5,000-hp super-power quintuplex plunger pump that can operate continuously under heavy load with less maintenance frequency to better serve the large-scale frac operation and improve the operation efficiency and economy.

With 4,500 hp maximum output power, 11-in. stroke and 270,000 lb/ft maximum rod load, the Jereh 5,000 QPN plunger pump delivers high rates and efficiency. In a case where a conventional frac job is carried out at 100 bbl/min rate and a 10,000 psi working pressure, at least 20 2,500 hp frac units will be needed. However, only 11 5,000-hp pumps can satisfy the job, reducing the unit quantity by over 40%. Also, at the same stroke rate, a 5,000-hp pump can enable twice the rate of a 2,500-hp pump and allow lower rod load to extend the parts life.


The Jereh 5,000 QPN electric frac unit is equipped with a high reduction ratio planetary gearbox suitable for electric drive, which realizes infinitely variable speeds for accurate pressure and rate control. Compared with the diesel-driven frac unit with an engine and transmission, the electric frac unit is more cost effective and allows the overall unit to be more compact and lighter to guarantee stable operation. The weight of an electric frac skid is equivalent to a conventional 2,500-hp frac truck, but the output power is doubled which offers higher power density.

At present, Jereh 5,000 QPN electric frac units have been widely used in many job sites in China with average continuous working time of over 20 hours per day. Some have worked for over 4,000 hours stably with no abnormality, which proves that the super-power plunger pump can be a better solution for high-pressure and high rate frac jobs to increase efficiency and create more value for customers.