OTC 2022: Standardization is the Key to Surviving the Energy Transition

“We have to strive to eliminate customization for the sake of customization and truly apply where there is value in the approach,” Raymond Jones, vice president of LNG projects, Exxon Mobil, said in a standardization panel at the 2022 OTC.

standardization, energy transition

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Customizable technology and operations has long been a staple of the energy industry, allowing operators and developers to remain competitive in the marketplace. However, customization as it relates to the energy transition can make it difficult for corporations to gauge where they need to be in their operations.

According to Raymond Jones, vice president of LNG projects at Exxon Mobil Corp., in order to be successful from both a business perspective and an environmental perspective, it is necessary to get rid of “customization for the sake of customization.”

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Madison Ratcliff

Madison Ratcliff is an associate editor for Hart Energy's editorial team.