HOUSTON—Schlumberger launched a data-driven performance service for subsea assets during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) on May 3.

Subsea Live is intended to make it easier to extract insights from mountains of data and improve decision making, said Cedric Chidiac, product champion for digital solutions at OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company.

“It gives you speed and certainty to help you transition from reactive to proactive,” Chidiac said.

Subsea Live helps identify issues and risks early so mitigation plans can be made to maximize the uptime and availability of the system, he said.

The artificial intelligence- (AI-) powered approach follows on OneSubsea’s years of experience with remote monitoring and data analysis. Subsea Live is meant to provide equipment health, operational and production insights, Chidiac said.

“These are used to monitor conditions of the equipment and identify risks for proactive resolution,” he said. “It will notify you if the chokes are starting to show signs of wear.”

One customer who needed sand slug detection because the problem well could not be identified by acoustic sensors as they were not providing reliable readings, he said. Using a combination of existing VX Omni meters, a sand detection algorithm was created based on historical data to enable Subsea Live to identify the sand-producing well and help the customer rectify the problem, he said.

Another operator needed help with hydrate management in a long fast-tracked subsea tieback that was not protected against hydrates. AquaWatcher sensors detected the free water, and an ultrasonic chemical injection metering valve was used to control the monoethylene glycol (MEG) supply.