Oil and Gas Investor Op-ed: The Energy Transfer Ad

Energy Transfer ran an ad during a football game. Tweeters, redditors and others chimed in their opinions.

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[Editor's note: A version of this story appears in the February 2022 issue of Oil and Gas Investor magazine.]

Energy Transfer LP made a commercial—and ran it during a football game.

A redditor, MyPublicFace, posted during the Sunday Night game Dec. 19, “This [bad word] commercial that ran during a U.S. football game today. Apparently, if we don’t support oil and gas … the football, your football jersey and even your beer glass will turn TO DUST!!!”

(Note: The redditor might be a Bucs fan. At the time of the post, the Saints had just picked up a rare Tom Brady fumble; the game ended Saints, 9, Bucs, 0. Also, MyPublicFace seems unfriendly normally, having zero awarder karma and only 93 awardee karma.)

It gets more ridiculous. The post (and replies too, all concurring, of course) were at subreddit LateStageCapitalism (LSC). The LSC auto-bot posted, “Please remember that LSC is a SAFE SPACE for socialist discussion. LSC is run by communists.”

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Nissa Darbonne

Nissa Darbonne is author of The American Shales and has been a journalist since 1984, beginning in the oil and gas fields of South Louisiana. She writes for Oil and Gas Investor and is actively involved in Hart's conference agendas.