From Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief: We’ve Got This

Changes in the oil patch can bring a bit of uncertainty, but they offer new opportunities as well.

The oil and gas industry will survive and thrive for many years to come while doing so alongside other energy sources, writes Executive Editor-at-Large Leslie Haines in her last column for Oil and Gas Investor. (Source: Hart Energy)

[Editor's note: A version of this story appears in the December 2021 issue of Oil and Gas Investor magazine.]

Longtime readers probably noticed a few changes to our staff in the past couple of years, what with retirements and the sad, untimely passing of editor-in-chief Steve Toon in October. These changes can bring a bit of uncertainty, but they offer new opportunities as well. Let’s seize them.

Readers and editors alike may also be wondering about the future of the oil and gas industry and thus, of this magazine, what with the advent of ESG issues and capital pressures, the great debate on the energy transition and the role traditional oil and gas will play in the years to come.

Have no fear: The industry will be here, and so will we. We plan to cover the changes, whatever they entail, just as we have done for 40 years. We’ll offer CEOs, bankers, analysts, up-and-comers and others a forum for expressing their take on it all— their hopes, concerns and plans. In print, online video or during one of our conferences, we’ll be looking for the story. What is the opportunity, the challenge, the solution? Where is the colorful anecdote?

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Leslie Haines

Leslie Haines is executive editor-at-large for Oil and Gas Investor. One of the most respected oil and gas industry journalists in the business, she is celebrating more than 30 years at the magazine.