[Editor's note: A version of this story appears in the August 2021 issue of Oil and Gas Investor magazine.]

Reducing methane emissions in operations to as close to zero as possible is a mandate the oil and gas industry should pursue immediately and vigorously. In a world obsessed with any and every release of greenhouse gas molecules into the atmosphere, this is one area where the fossil fuel sector can clean up its act quite easily and gain favor with the investment community by doing so.

“Everything is being viewed through a climate lens now,” said Jack Belcher, principal with Cornerstone Government Affairs, speaking at Hart Energy’s Carbon Management Forum in July, which explored why and how producers should address their emissions.

Belcher predicted that responsibly sourced gas, or RSG, could become regulated, climate disclosures to access public capital might be soon required by the SEC, and Congress will inevitably enact a carbon offset market. All based on your (eventually mandated) emissions reporting.

Persefoni co-founder Jason Offman said, “Keep one thing in the forefront: License to operate.”

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