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1. Alaska

BP recompleted a Prudhoe Bay Field well in Alaska that was originally drilled in 2014 at the #06-22B Prudhoe Bay Unit. The well is in Section 2-10n-14e in Umiat Meridian. It was tested flowing 288 bbl of oil, 27.513 MMcf of gas and 1,051 bbl of water per day with a flowing tubing pressure was 903 psi. Production is from a Ivishak Shale perforated zone at 10,465 ft to 10,870 ft.

2. New Mexico

Oxy USA Inc. completed a Purple Sage Field-Wolfcamp well in Eddy County, N.M., located in Section 17-24s-29e. The #037H Salt Flat CC 20-29 Federal Com produced at a daily flow rate of 5,202 bbl of oil, 11.096 cf of gas and 9,516 bbl of water. Drilled to 20,363 ft (9,990 ft true vertical), production is from acidized and fractured perforations at 10,209 ft to 20,185 ft. Tested on a 21/64-inch choke, the shut-in casing pressure was 1,421 psi.

3. North Dakota

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas, an affiliate of ConocoPhillips, completed a Middle Bakken well and a Middle Three Forks well at a Dunn County, N.D., drillpad. The pad is in Section 26-147n-97w in Little Knife Field. The #44-36TFH Franklin was drilled to 21,747 ft (11,393 ft true vertical). It initially flowed 230 bbl of 41°API oil, 276,000 cf and 5,717 bbl of water per day after 31-stage fracturing, and production is from Middle Three Forks perforations at 11,705 ft to 21,541 ft. Gauged on a 31/64-inch choke, the flowing tubing pressure was 1,715 psi. The #34-36MBH-2NH Franklin was drilled to 21,835 ft (11,305 ft true vertical) and produced 278 bbl of 30.5°API oil and 504,000 cf of gas per day from Middle Bakken at 11,705 ft to 21,625 ft. It was tested on a 30/64-inch choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 2,488 psi.

4. Texas

Two Howard County (RRC Dist. 8), Texas, Spraberry Field wells were announced by Birch Operations Inc. The wells were drilled from a pad in Section 18, Block 33, T&P RR CO Survey, A-1090. The #7LS Traveler 18-30 G was drilled to 18,358 ft (true vertical depth of 7,674 ft). It was tested flowing 533 bbl of 37°API oil, 376,000 cf of gas and 2,284 bbl of water daily from perforated Spraberry zone at 8,052 ft to 18,245 ft. The #7WA Traveler 18-30 G was drilled to 18,844 ft (8,016 ft true vertical). It produced 2,098 bbl of 36.8°API oil, 578,000 cf of gas and 260 bbl of water per day from a perforated Wolfcamp interval at 8,548 ft to 18,790 ft.

5. Texas

IHS Markit reported that Barron Petroleum completed a Val Verde Basin discovery in Val Verde County (RRC Dist. 1), Texas. Based on the results from two wells, the company estimates that the 13,000-acre project holds 417 Bcfe (74.2 MMboe) in oil and gas reserves. Developed with the use of a 3D seismic survey, Barron has identified 67 high-graded Strawn locations on the acreage and could potentially develop Canyon at 9,000 ft and Ellenburger at 16,000 ft. The first wildcat, #1 Sahota Carson 20BU, hit approximately 70 ft of gas-bearing Strawn pay. It was fracture-stimulated and flowed up to 5 MMcf/d of gas. It was drilled to 12,650 ft in Section 12, Block C15, R.A. Ashley Survey, A-2575. About one-half mile to the east-southeast in the same section, #3 Sahota Carson 19BU was drilled and cased to 12,890 ft. According to IHS Markit, the well is currently holding for data.

6. Louisiana

GEP Haynesville LLC completed another Haynesville Shale producer in the Bayou San Miguel Field portion of Sabine Parish, La. The #001-Alt Olympia Minerals 26-23HC is in Section 26-9n-12w. It was drilled to 21,088 ft (true vertical depth of 12,763 ft). It flowed 39.845 MMcf of gas and 464 bbl of water per day from a perforated zone at 12,894 ft to 20,875 ft. Tested on a 33/64-inch choke, the flowing casing pressure was 8,438 psi.

7. Gulf of Mexico

In Mississippi Canyon Block 812, Shell Oil Co. completed a Middle Miocene discovery at #0K003S3B OCS G34460 ST03BP00. The well was drilled to 29,739 ft (true vertical depth of 23,343 ft). It flowed 12,478 bbl of 33.5°API oil and 25.725 MMcf of gas per day. Tested on a 36/64-inch coke, the flowing tubing pressure was 9,897 psi, and production is from a perforated zone between 29,218 ft and 29,345 ft.

8. Ohio

An Ascent Resources Utica Shale discovery was tested flowing 32.845 MMcf of gas and 139 bbl of water per day. The Belmont County, Ohio, well, #4H Bannock Unn BL was drilled in Section 6-8n-5w. The Harrisville Consolidated Field completion reached 21,877 ft (9,170 ft true vertical). It was acidized and fractured, and production is from a perforated zone between 9,232 ft and 21,767 ft

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