1 Murvin Oil Co., Olney, Ill., pumped 140 bbl. of oil per day from Mississippian Rosiclare oolitic limestone at the #1 Diel, confirming a discovery made earlier this year in Wayne County, Ill. IHS Energy Group reports the #1 Diel, Section 19-2n-9e, was tested through perforations at 3,054-64 ft. It's a north offset to the discovery, Murvin's #1 Diel-Miller, that was completed pumping 85 bbl. of oil per day from Rosiclare at 3,062-72 ft. 2 Savarin Oil Tools Inc., also of Olney, is rigging up rotary tools to drill the #1 Bemis, a wildcat in Section 17-9n-6e, Shelby County, Ill. Projected depth is 3,999 ft. in Devonian Geneva. The venture is nearly 2 miles northwest of Sigel Field, a Mississippian McClosky oil pool, and a little more than 6 miles west of the nearest production from Devonian zones in Lillyville North Field. 3 Drilling depth is near 3,000 ft. at the Geo Search #1 Lulu, a Franklin County, Ill., wildcat near Sesser Consolidated Field. The Mt. Vernon, Ill., operator plans to drill to 3,700 ft. in Mississippian Warsaw at the project in Section 22-5s-1e. The drillsite is a mile off the northwestern flank of the field. 4 Calhoun, Ky., independent Donald B. Smith has moved in a rig and is preparing to spud a deeper-pool wildcat in Cleopatra Consolidated Field in Section 13-N-17, McLean County, Ky. Smith's project is the #2 Miles Sterret that has a projected depth of 3,990 ft. in Devonian Dutch Creek. It's in an area of inactive McClosky wells that produced from about 2,250 ft. 5 Daugherty Resources Inc., Lexington, says it has drilled six successful wells in its recently discovered Fonde Field in Bell County, Ky. The six wells, on Daugherty's 5,000-acre lease block, and 11 proven undeveloped locations are estimated to have reserves of 4.9 billion cu. ft. equivalent. Production in the field is from Mississippian Big Lime at depths ranging from 2,500 to 2,800 ft. The company notes is owns one third of the drilled wells and expects to maintain similar interests in subsequent tests. Daugherty also announced that it has completed the acquisition of a 12,300-acre oil and gas lease adjacent to its new field. The lease, acquired from J.M. Huber Corp., Houston, gives Daugherty control of 17,000 contiguous acres. Ten additional wells are planned by the end of this year. 6 A west offset to the opener of Michigan's Convis 17-1s-6w Pool A Field, Armada, Mich.-based Don Yohe Enterprises Inc.'s #1 Herr & Doty, flowed 80 bbl. of oil per day during production tests to confirm the field. The well, in Section 17-1s-6w, Convis Township, Calhoun County, was tested through perforations at 3,032-41 ft. in Silurian Brown Niagaran, according to IHS Energy Group. The discovery was completed in 1985 pumping 30 bbl. of oil per day. 7 Columbia Natural Resources Inc., Charleston, W.Va., has added to its extensive exploration program in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, having staked two Ordovician Trenton-Black River wildcats in Schuyler County. The #624066 Grand Prix is to be drilled to 10,160 ft., while the #624065 Grand Prix is scheduled to go to 9,550 ft. Both ventures are in Orange Township, Section E of Bradford Quad, a little more than 5 miles east-northeast of South Bradford Field. 8 West Virginia's Roane County is slated to get more deep drilling, to be carried out by BNG Production & Drilling Inc. at the #1 Boggs in Smithfield District, Tariff Quad. The Spencer, W. Va., independent plans to take the venture to a depth of about 14,000 ft. in Precambrian. The #1 Boggs is a deeper-pool wildcat in an area of Devonian gas production in Minnora Field. 9 New exploration scheduled for Sandy River District, McDowell County, W.Va., includes a new-field wildcat and four deeper-pool tests, all to be drilled by Eastern States Oil & Gas Inc., Charleston, to Lower Devonian at depths ranging from 6,100 to 7,100 ft. The new-field wildcat is the #A-9 Georgia-Pacific Corp. in Panther Quad, two and a quarter miles northwest of Big Sandy Field. Three of the deeper-pool wildcats are in Rockridge Field, Bradshaw Quad. IHS Energy Group reports they are the #1 McCormick-Rogers Unit, #1 Litz and #1 Lopin/Rogers Unit. The fourth deeper-pool test is the #1-4 Mary C. Bricker in Iaeger Quad, Huff Creek Field. 10 The Columbia Natural Resources Inc. #624324 Ralph C. Lipps et ux. is a Lower Devonian Oriskany deeper-pool wildcat staked in West Virginia's Abott-French Creek Field, Upshur County. Target depth is 7,500 ft. at the project in Banks District, Rock Cave Quad. 11 Twin Cedars Exploration Co. LLC, Tuscaloosa, Ala., is set to drill a remote wildcat at the #1 Twin Cedars in Section 1-19s-40e, Estill Fork Quad, Franklin County, Tenn. The project, that's scheduled to be drilled to about 1,900 ft. in Ordovician Stones River, is approximately 15 miles south-southeast of Winchester Field, according to IHS Energy Group. 12 Cambro-Ordovician Knox at 2,000 ft. is the objective of the #1 Bruce Coleman, a wildcat staked by NRC LLC, London, Ky., in Overton County, Tenn. The drillsite is in Section 6-1n-52e, Alpine Quad, 2 miles north-northeast of Big Eagle Creek Field, a Knox pool. Elsewhere in Alpine Quad, Overton County, Overland Park, Kan.-based Empire Energy Corp. says it has successfully drilled another shallow oil well, one that had an initial natural flow in excess of 100 bbl. per hour, in its joint exploration program with Pryor Oil Co., Parkville, Mo. The program is in the Cumberland Plateau Region. The new well, the #1 Campbell-Bilbrey Unit in Section 17-1s-53e, was drilled to a total depth of 765 ft. and encountered a total net pay zone of 225 ft. (from 540-765 ft.) in Ordovician Sunnybrook. Eight wells have been drilled in the program, six of which have encountered commercial hydrocarbons of gas and/or oil. The companies note the newest well has the thickest net pay and highest quality reservoir fracture system found yet. Empire has a 60% working interest in the program and Pryor is the operator with the remaining 40% interest. 13 Knoxville, Tenn., independent Tengasco Inc. reports it has recently completed three more gas wells in its Swan Creek Field in Hancock County, Tenn., continuing the uninterrupted 100% success rate on 24 gas wells drilled to date. The three new wells are all Knox producers in Section 6-1s-75e, Swan Island Quad. They are the #2 Laura J. Lawson that tested 3.1 million cu. ft. per day from 160 ft. of net pay between 4,610-4,980 ft.; the #2 Stephen Lawson that flowed 2.7 million cu. ft. per day from 26 ft. of net pay at 4,824-50 ft.; and, the #3 Stephen Lawson that yielded 3.1 million cu. ft. per day from 34 ft. of net pay between 5,032-72 ft. Tengasco says it has more than 50,000 acres of oil and gas leases in its Swan Creek Field and now has more than 30 million cu. ft. of deliverability of gas from its 24 wells. 14 Rotary tools are being moved in by Columbia Natural Resources Inc. to drill an 8,000-ft. Cambrian Rome deeper-pool wildcat in Campbell County, Tenn. IHS Energy Group reports the venture is the #823959 Begley Lumber Co. in Section 7-A-64, Jellico West Quad. It's in an unnamed Devonian Chattanooga pool. Another Knox test, a remote wildcat, is under way in Tennessee's Cannon County. Blue Flame Energy Corp., Bowling Green, Ky., is drilling toward a target depth of 999 ft. at the #TC1 Avaree Conley in Section 3-10s-41e. 15 S. Lavon Evans Jr. Operating Co. Inc., Laurel, Miss., is testing through perforations at 2,966-78 ft. in Benton Sand at an indicated shallower-pool opener in County Line Field, Lamar County, Ala. The Southeastern Oil Review says the potential producer is the #2 Holliman 36-10 in Section 36-17s-14w. It's a twin well to the field discovery, the company's #1 Holliman 36-10 that was completed producing 1.4 million cu. ft. of gas per day on a 22/64-in. choke from Carter Sand at 4,229-40 ft. and 230,000 cu. ft. per day on an 18/64-in. choke from Lewis at 4,500-28 ft. 16 Palmer Petroleum Inc., Shreveport, is drilling below 10,000 ft. at the 13,500-ft. #1 Smith Estate 13-7, a new-field wildcat in Monroe County, Ala., reports the Southeastern Oil Review. The venture is in Section 13-5n-7e, 3.5 miles southeast of North Excel Field. Palmer plans to evaluate Jurassic Norphlet.