NextEra Energy set CO2 emissions reduction plans, entitled Zero Carbon Blueprint and Real Zero, to further its commitment to eliminating operational carbon emissions by 2045, according to a press release on June 14.

NextEra Resources currently operated the world's largest clean energy portfolio, with a generating capacity of 24,000 MW of renewable energy and significant battery storage.

"NextEra Energy Resources has been a leader in providing clean, low-cost renewable energy for decades, and as part of our Zero Carbon Blueprint plan, we intend to significantly expand our renewables deployment to the benefit of customers in every sector," NextEra Energy Resources president and CEO Rebecca Kujawa said.

To achieve its targets, the company has developed the Zero Carbon Blueprint to outline the required steps and track its progress, resulting in decarbonizing itself while helping its industrial customers to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions from their own operations.

Re the blueprint, NextEra will: decarbonize its own business by no later than 2045; help decarbonize the U.S. power sector through continued investments in renewable energy development such as wind, solar, battery storage and hydrogen; and help decarbonize the U.S. economy by becoming a preferred partner for customers in their operational emissions reduction targets.

To reach its Real Zero goals, the company will leverage its market knowledge, data analytics and expansive base of renewable resources to help power companies transition to net-zero carbon emissions and deliver clean energy solutions to other sectors, such as technology, transportation, etc.

NextEra's decarbonization milestones include reaching a carbon emission reduction rate of 70% by 2025, later improving to 82% reduction by 2030, 87% by 2035 and 94% by 2040.

In addition to improving operational carbon emissions reductions, the company intends on providing greater transparency in its Scope 3 emissions and working with consumers on eliminating those emissions.

"We are building on our decades of innovation and investments in low-cost renewable energy to decarbonize our company while keeping bills affordable for our customers," NextEra Energy president and CEO John Ketchum said in the release. "Attaining Real Zero will be one of those achievements that provides lasting value to our customers and the communities where we do business."