Hydrogen is on the table as the best next fuel for transportation. And it has street cred: It’s the highest-performing fuel among the options.

Transition to it comes with many challenges. They’re resolvable. But doing so will take much time and money for global replacement of crude oil in transportation.

“Vintage people like me might be wondering, ‘Hydrogen again, huh? How long is this going to last this time?’” Susan Stuver, GTI (formerly known as Gas Technology Institute) senior manager, Hydrogen Technology Center, said in the institute’s hydrogen webinar, “The Role of Hydrogen in a Decarbonized Future,” in July.

The lure of hydrogen is justified, though, she added: “It can be used to support the decarbonization of hard-to abate sectors—those that are energy-intensive or require high heat applications, such as heavy industry. Places where electrification just isn’t going to work.”

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