This summer, UPS announced a historic, seven-year deal with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. The package delivery company said that through 2026, it will buy 170 million gallon equivalents (MMGE) of renewable natural gas (RNG).

This is the biggest purchase of RNG in American history, and that makes sense, given the size of the UPS fleet and its commitment to reduce emissions—UPS has set a goal of alternative fuels constituting up to 40% of its ground fuel consumption by 2025. The company has 6,100 vehicles worldwide that now use either CNG or LNG. It also uses propane and has hybrid and electric vehicles.

Bravo UPS; this is great news for the environment—experts say heavy-duty trucks and buses are the No. 1 source of emissions in urban areas. But note that all the gas fueling UPS trucks is not coming from wells drilled by the nation’s natural gas producers. Instead, it is RNG, which is gas derived from methane emitted by landfills, dairy and hog farm waste and other renewable sources.

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