“We hear a lot from customers that are really looking for help,” said Louis Krannich, CEO of Remote Operations Center (ROC). His clients seek solutions for compliance with a host of federal and state pipeline safety regulations.

How can a midstream company afford to protect both its assets and its profit margins? That’s the question that Midstream Connect explores in this month’s segment.

We visited ROC’s state-of-the-art control room in its Katy, Texas, headquarters. From there, the company monitors 15 pipeline systems in multiple basins across the country. It aims its services at small and medium-sized companies that may be financially hard-pressed to maintain the technology and training necessary to keep up with fast-changing regulations and could use a third-party option.

How will the regulatory environment change in the next six months to a year?

“I don’t think anybody really knows,” Krannich said. “I cannot really imagine a scenario where, over time, the industry doesn’t continually try to raise the bar when it comes to safety.”