Joe Dancy, executive director of the University of Oklahoma’s Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Center, sees Texas as “very energy friendly and that’s a positive.

“There are a lot of opportunities in Texas, especially with the Barnett, the Haynesville, with the Permian, the Eagle Ford and with the offshore Gulf of Mexico,” he told Jessica Morales during Hart Energy’s Midstream Texas conference in Midland. “We’re blessed with some great resources.”

Dancy called Texas the gold standard for investment opportunities, but he did note some challenges.

“One of the biggest challenges—and this is a surprise for a lot of people—is the cost of steel,” he said. “Every pipeline, every gathering system uses a tremendous amount of steel. The cost of steel has gone up substantially because of the tariffs…. The buildout of the midstream, the buildout of the gathering systems takes a lot of steel.”