1 Stroud, Okla.-based Coleman Production LLC staked two wildcats in a remote, nonproducing area 1.5 miles southwest of Wamego, Kan., on the northern Nemaha Uplift. The 963-ft. #1 Ebert, in Section 18-10s-10e, is a half-mile from the #1 ACD Landfill, which is projected to reach 1,079 ft. The southern Pottawatomie County ventures are slated to reach the Precambrian Granite. The two wells are 11 miles northeast of Yaege Field, which produced a total of 3.72 million bbl. of oil from reservoirs in the Basal Pennsylvanian conglomerate, Mississippian, Hunton and Viola from perforations between 1,550 and 2,000 ft. 2 Larson Operating Co., Olmitz, Kan., completed a wildcat on the Central Kansas Uplift 4.5 miles southwest of Frederick, Kan., in northern Rice County. The #1-29 Behnke, in Section 29-18s-9w, pumped 40 bbl. of oil daily from unreported perforations in the Arbuckle above the well's total depth of 3,330 ft. Completion details have not yet been released. The discovery is more than a half-mile southwest of Cow Creek Field, which was abandoned in 1983 after producing 34,000 bbl. of oil from the Arbuckle at about 3,250 ft. 3 Seeco Inc., a unit of Houston-based Southwestern Energy, completed its third discovery in the Fayetteville shale in the northeastern Arkoma Basin. Located seven miles west-southwest of Clinton, Ark., the #1-4 Hankins is in Section 4-10n-15w in southern Van Buren County. It initially flowed 328,000 cu. ft. of gas daily through fracture-treated perforations between 1,820 and 2,076 ft. Flowing tubing pressure was 233 psi gauged through a 16/64-in. choke. Total depth of the Scotland Field opener is 2,892 ft. The well is more than five miles northeast of the #1-36 Hindreth, the Gravel Hill Field opener. It initially tested flowing 578,000 cu. ft. of gas per day through perforations in the Fayetteville between 2,302 and 2,590 ft. 4 Houston independent Cox & Perkins Exploration Inc. staked a 7,800-ft. wildcat in the northern portion of Lafayette County, Ark., in the Stamps Field area. The #1 Stevens, in Section 6-16s-23w, offsets to the northeast the single-well Sunview Field, which yielded just 4,600 bbl. of oil from the Paluxy, according to IHS Energy. The #1 Searcy is almost a mile west of the discovery. The 7,575-ft. discovery flowed 216 bbl. of 30.4-degree oil and 38,000 cu. ft. of gas daily from perforations between 7,392 and 7,402 ft. 5 Credo Petroleum Corp., Denver, reported test results for a wildcat completed by its subsidiary, United Oil Corp., on the northern shelf of the Anadarko Basin. The #1-34 Glacier initially flowed 4.8 million cu. ft. of gas daily through fracture-stimulated perforations. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged at 1,700 psi on a 20/64-in. choke. The 7,550-ft. well is in Section 34-25n-22w in southern Harper County, less than two miles north-northeast of Fort Supply, Okla., and was designed to evaluate the Morrow and Chester. The discovery is 1.5 miles northeast of the 7,600-ft. #1 Burgess. The well has a current cumulative production of 275 million cu. ft. of gas. 6 An ultradeep wildcat is in the works for Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC, Tulsa. The company plans a 23,000-ft. Anadarko Basin well in Section 1-10n-21w in Beckham County, Okla., immediately east of Elk City. The company's #1-1 City of Elk City will examine pay potential in the Springer sands. The closest production from an equivalent depth is the 24,453-ft. Elk City East Field discovery well, drilled some 0.75-mile north-northwest in the same section. There, the #1-1 Green tested at 14.8 million cu. ft. of gas from commingled Lower Morrow from 21,604-44 ft. and from two sets or Springer perforations between 22,190 and 22,652 ft. When it was drilled, the #1-1 Green was the world's highest-pressured gas well and required the largest wellhead ever built. The project cost about $4.5 million, according to IHS Energy. The well has produced 20 billion cu. ft. of gas. 7 A Strawn discovery has been completed by Artesia, N.M.-based Yates Petroleum Corp. flowing 4.12 million cu. ft. of gas daily with no liquids through perforations between 9,726-34 ft. The #5 Federal "CL," in Section 34-15s-29e, is in Chavez County about a half-mile north of the Eddy County line and 20 miles east of the town of Lake Arthur, N.M. It reached a total depth of 10,822 ft. and had a flowing tubing pressure of 1,200 psi on a 4/64-in. choke. A half-mile northeast in the same section is the #1 Federal "CL." Located in Sulimar Field, the 1,908-ft. well recovered 40,044 bbl. of oil, 7.97 million cu. ft. of casinghead gas and 63,746 bbl. of water until early 2002. 8 Chesapeake Operating Inc., Oklahoma City, staked a wildcat in southwestern Lea County more than 20 miles west-southwest of the town of Eunice, N.M. The #1 Gurney "3" State, in Section 3-23s-33e, is set to target gas in the Morrow, reaching a total depth of 15,700 ft. according to IHS Energy. The #1 State "IK" is a half-mile south in Brinninstool Field. The 15,753-ft. well has produced 1,602 bbl. of oil, 2.59 million cu. ft. of casinghead gas and 632 bbl. of water from perforations in the Bone Springs between 9,645 and 9,920 ft. It has been online for a year. 9 Range Production Co., Fort Worth, completed a wildcat in the Texas Panhandle about 22 miles north-northwest of the town of Miami. The #102 TEW, in Section 2, Block 44, T.E. White Survey, A-1075, in northeastern Roberts County (RRC 10) was tested through untreated intervals in the Hunton between 10,178-86 ft. flowing 3.21 million cu. ft. of gas daily with no water. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged at 2,783 psi on a 30/64-in. choke. The 10,665-ft. venture is less than a half-mile west of the #1220 Killebrew. The 11,784-ft. well initially tested flowing 240,000 cu. ft. of gas per day through perforations between 10,178 and 10,206 ft. in the Hunton. It recovered a total 45 million cu. ft. of gas, 1,200 bbl. of condensate and no water during the first 11 months. 10 Dallas independent Energy Production Corp. claimed a discovery with its #1101 Waggoner-EPCO in eastern Wilbarger County, Texas, (RRC 9) some 12 miles southeast of Vernon. The discovery tested at 42 bbl. of oil with a trace of gas and 16 bbl. of water a day from acidized perforations between 3,124-44 ft., apparently from Canyon. The company drilled the well to 6,800 ft. in Section 11, Block 14, H&TC Survey, A-372, IHS Energy reports. 11 SDX Resources Inc., Midland, has permitted the #1 King exploratory well in Section 21, Marzee Davis Survey, A-1931, just northeast of the Abilene city limits in Taylor County, Texas (RRC 7B). It plans to drill the well to 3,500 ft. The nearest production from depths below 3,000 ft. is more than a mile southeast where the #1 Abilene Christian University tested at four bbl. of oil from Morris. The well gave up 205 bbl. of oil during its four months online. More than three miles east-northeast of the SDX well, Crego Exploration Inc., Dallas, has permitted the #1 Bertha Linahan to 5,100 ft. just west of the Callahan County line. That is a deeper offset to the discovery well for Box North Field, which produces from Palo Pinto Lime between 3,310-20 ft. 12 A discovery by Terrace Petroleum Corp., Midland, flowed 354 bbl. of oil and 90,000 cu. ft. of gas daily with no water in southwestern Howard County, Texas (RRC 8). The new producer is five miles southwest of Big Spring, Texas, in Section 26, Block 34, T1S, T&P Survey, A-1176. The #1 Quinn tapped commingled Devonian/Fusselman perforations between 10,191 and 10,239 ft. through a 10/64-in. choke with 700 psi of flowing tubing pressure. The nearest Fusselman production comes from Moore Field about 1.75 miles north-northeast, where the #8 Waldron "S" tested at 320 bbl. of oil a day in 1984. 13 Bluegrass Energy Inc., Tulsa, has taken a permit to drill a 7,000-ft wildcat in Section 3, Block GG, Obid Marshall Survey, A-2827, about 5.5 miles east-northeast of Iraan in Crockett County, Texas (RRC 7C). The company's #103 Simpson Canyon apparently will evaluate Wolfcamp. The nearest well is two miles northeast in one-well KCA Field, where the #1 Margaret H. Smith tested 190 bbl. of oil a day from Wolfcamp in 1958. The well later was recompleted in a shallower Wolfcamp interval. Cumulatively, the well has produced 4,477 bbl. of oil. 14 A central Schleicher County, Texas, (RRC 7C) wildcat has been scheduled by Midland, Texas-based Marshall & Winston Inc. The company will drill the #1 Napier in Section 1, Block M, GH&SA Survey, A-1103, to a depth of 6,500 ft. The nearest production to the Permian Basin wildcat is in Jan-Jerrye Southeast Field, 1.25 miles northwest. In that field, the #2 Spence Estate tested at 708,000 cu. ft. of gas a day from a Canyon Reef interval from 5,138-44 ft. It has produced a cumulative 37.48 million cu. ft. of gas and 211 bbl. of condensate since 1978. 15 Riata Energy Inc., Amarillo, brought in a Wolfcamp discovery in the Delaware Basin that tested flowing 3.08 million cu. ft. of gas a day. The #3201 La Escalera "D" wildcat is in Section 32, Block D, GC&SF Survey, A-6248, in southwestern Pecos County, Texas (RRC 8). Riata tested the well on a 22/64-in. choke with 1,025 psi of flowing tubing pressure from perforations between 9,076 and 9,110 ft. after drilling to 10,100 ft. The nearest Wolfcamp production is six miles south in Elsinore Field, according to IHS Energy. 16 Mesa Chica Corp., San Antonio, took out a permit for a 4,000-ft. wildcat in northwestern Kinney County, Texas, (RRC 1) an area with no current production. The oil company's #1 Walters, in Mud Creek IA&M Co. Survey, A-759, is about 15 miles west of Brackettville and less than three miles east of the Val Verde County line. The closest commercial production to the Mesa Chica well is nearly 10 miles southeast at the #1 Joe N. Kerr Jr. Currently the only producing well in the county, that test showed an initial potential of 26 bbl. of oil a day from Glen Rose between 1,750-60 ft.