1 Wichita, Kan.-based independent Abercrombie Energy LLC received a permit to drill a test 12 miles southwest of Oakley in Logan County in northwestern Kansas. The #1-18 Clovis, in Section 18-12s-33w, is proposed to reach 4,750 ft. targeting the Lansing-Kansas City, Marmaton, Cherokee and Mississippian. The site is between two active fields: Janice Northwest Field northwest and Janice South Field southeast. Janice Northwest has produced 34,000 bbl. of oil from three wells tapping the Cherokee at about 4,650 ft. Both fields are still producing at stripper rates, according to IHS Energy records. 2 American Energies Corp., Wichita, Kan., scheduled two wildcats in the Sedgwick Basin in southern Reno County, Kan. The #1 Mennonite Church "A," in Section 12-25s-6w about 8.5 miles northeast of the town of Pretty Prairie, is slated to reach 3,800 ft. to target the Mississippian and Simpson sands. The nearest previous producer is Elward Northeast Field a mile east. The abandoned, noncommercial pool produced 33 million cu. ft. of gas during the 1980s from a reservoir at about 3,525 ft. 3 Seeco Inc., Fayetteville, Ark., submitted cases to the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission about five new exploratory tests in its increasing Mississippian shale-gas drilling program in the northeastern side of the Arkoma Basin. The cases include a 5,600-ft. wildcat about two miles west of the town of Damascus, Ark., to test formations through the Boone and Penters. The unit would be in Section 2-8n-14w in northwestern Faulkner County in Martinville Field. About two miles south-southwest is the #1 Miller. The 3,366-ft. well was tested in 1980 flowing 75,000 cu. ft. of gas daily from the Orr between 2,042-59 ft., and 370,000 cu. ft. daily from the Hale at 2,655-58 ft. After it went online in 1982, the well produced 38 million cu. ft. of gas over three years as the field's only well. 4 Seeco Inc. also disclosed completion details on its #1-9 Thomas discovery, nine miles east of Hector, Ark. The well, in Section 9-9n-17w in northwestern Conway County, had an initial flowing potential of 532,000 cu. ft. of gas per day through fracture-stimulated intervals in Fayetteville shale between 2,750 and 3,036 ft. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged at 85 psi through a 32/64-in. choke. The well is three miles north of a nine-well pool in Jerusalem Field. It was abandoned in early 2003 after producing 15.2 billion cu. ft. of gas, according to IHS Energy. 5 Tulsa, Okla.-based Xanadu Exploration Co. staked a new exploratory test in northern Oklahoma. Xanadu's #1-4 Orca, in Section 4-21n-5e in southern Pawnee County, 1.25 miles east of the town of Pawnee, is projected to a depth of 3,400 ft. It is designed to reach the Mississippian. The site is a mile east of an abandoned well that recovered 15,400 bbl. of crude from the Prue at about 2,900 ft. and Skinner at 3,000 ft. between 1978 and 1984. 6 Edmond, Okla., independent Alpine Inc. received a permit for a wildcat targeting the Jackfork sands in a nonproducing region in the Ouachita Mountains in LeFlore County, southeastern Oklahoma. The #1-19 Weyerhaeuser, in Section 19-1n-24e almost 11 miles northwest of Smithville, is planned for 7,500 ft. The closest producers are about 20 miles northwest in Potato Hills Field. The initial test well, the #1-20 Morris, was completed flowing 900,000 cu. ft. of gas with five bbl. of water daily through perforations in the Stanley between 6,010 and 7,149 ft. At last report it is averaging 824,000 cu. ft. of gas and six bbl. of oil per day. 7 Trio Consulting & Management LLC, Wichita Falls, Texas, permitted a 3,400-ft. wildcat about four miles east of the southern Oklahoma town of Ryan. The #1 Major, in Section 18-6s-6w in a lightly drilled area of the Muenster Arch in Jefferson County, is projected to reach the Hoxbar at 2,595 ft. and the Arbuckle at about 3,267 ft. The site is four miles west of Spring Field, which has been under redevelopment since 2002. The field has cumulatively produced 6.81 million bbl. of oil, said IHS Energy. 8 Yates Petroleum Corp., Artesia, N.M., posted a Lower Atoka gas discovery in northern Lea County nearly 15 miles north-northwest of the town of Tatum, N.M. The #1 Merle State Unit Gas, in Section 13-10s-34e, flowed 6.3 million cu. ft. of gas per day through perforations from 12,057-63 ft. Flowing tubing pressure was 1860 psi gauged on a 24/64-in. choke. The #1 Judson "AUU" State Com, about 2.3 miles southwest was recompleted flowing 11,000 cu. ft. of gas daily through intervals between 11,610-22 ft. 9 Chesapeake Operating Inc., Oklahoma City, finaled a southeastern New Mexico wildcat in the northeastern portion of Eddy County, more than 25 miles east-northeast of Artesia. The #1 Henshaw Federal "A," in Section 14-16s-30e, was tested flowing 882,000 cu. ft. of gas, 12 bbl. of condensate and 77 bbl. of water daily through perforations between 12,574-81 ft. in the Simpson. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged at 1,100 psi on a 6/64-in. choke. A quarter-mile west is the 3,834-ft. gas producer, the #1 Norman Federal, in Henshaw Field. The #1 Norman Federal was completed in 1979. Through 1997, it recovered a total of 95.07 million cu. ft. of gas through perforations in the Permian between 2,502-15 ft. 10 Dallas-based Foree Oil Co. tested a Bend Conglomerate discovery in the Margaret Field, six miles north-northeast of the town of Crowell in Foard County, Texas (RRC 9). The #1 Thomas, in Section 394, Block A, H&TC Survey, A-1499, pumped 20 bbl. of 39-degree oil and 54 bbl. of water per day, with a trace of gas, through acid- and fracture-treated perforations between 6,370-79 ft. The nearest current production lies 1.3 miles west-southwest. The #2 Vecera "B" has yielded 117,036 bbl. of oil, 449,000 cu. ft. of casinghead gas and 688,621 bbl. of water through perforations between 4,082-86 ft., according to IHS Energy. 11 Atoka Operating Inc., Dallas, completed a producer in northwestern Grayson County, Texas, (RRC 9) in Big Indian Field. The #1 Newsom, in the J. M. Harris Survey, A-527, was tested flowing 984 bbl. of 47-degree crude, 1 million cu. ft. of gas per day, with no water, through fracture-treated perforations between 9,970 and 10,242 ft. The 11,502-ft. well was the company's third directional Dornick Hills producer. A mile and a half east-southeast is the #1 Bryan. It has produced a total of 18,981 bbl. of oil and 167.27 million cu. ft. of casinghead gas. 12 J&J Trading, based in Abilene, Texas, permitted an exploratory test three miles south of the town of Spur, Texas, in southwestern Dickens County (RRC 8A). The #1 Twin Wells, in Section 173, Block 1, H&GN Survey, A-93, will reach a total depth of 5,900 ft. A quarter-mile north is the #1 Fry, which was tested pumping 70 bbl. of oil daily, with a trace of gas and no water, through perforations between 4,950-53 ft. 13 Dallas independent Pickens Co. Inc. scheduled a wildcat more than seven miles northeast of the town of Haskell, Texas, in Haskell County (RRC 7B). The #1 Hager Farms, in Section 81, B. Hoffman Survey, A-167, will be drilled to a total depth of 5,500 ft. and is planned to reach the Bend Arch. Three and a third miles south-southeast in Humphrey-Chapman Field is the #1 Davis. According to IHS Energy records, the 5,450-ft. well was completed in 1987 pumping 37 bbl. of oil per day from the Canyon through perforations between 2,506-10 ft. 14 Barbee Inc., Abilene, Texas, scheduled an exploratory test in the BMW Northwest Field area of northeastern Jones County (RRC 7B). The #1 Manske, in Section 41, J.E. Furguson Survey, A-1185, is to be drilled to 2,400 ft. about 1.5 miles south of the town of Avoca, Texas. The closest previous producer is 0.25-mile south-southwest. The #S.H. & Akin Beaty was abandoned in 1947. A drillstem test of the 5,230-ft. well recovered 180 ft. of slightly gas-cut mud from the Ellenburger between 5,134-65 ft. 15 Ruidoso, N.M.-based J. Ray Stewart staked its third shallow, remote wildcat in westernmost Culberson County (RRC 8) more than 35 miles north of the town of Van Horn, Texas. The #1B Wilson Ranch-State, in Section 16, Block 66, T4S, T&P Survey, A-5146, will be drilled to a total depth of 1,000 ft. The nearest producer is 4.5 miles northwest in Hudspeth County. The #1 West Wesley, drilled to a total depth of 10,740 ft., was abandoned with few details released. 16 LeClair Operating Co. Inc., Abilene, Texas, permitted an exploratory test in easternmost Schleicher County, Texas, (RRC 7C) less than two miles west of the Menard County line. The #1 Treadwell "L," in Section 29, Block A, AB&M Survey, A-6, more than 25 miles east-northeast of the town of Eldorado, will be drilled to a total depth of 4,500 ft. The test is 0.67-mile north-northeast of the nearest well in Camar North Field. The #2 Treadwell was completed in 1968 pumping 35 bbl. of 43-degree oil daily through perforations in the Canyon between 4,164-70 ft, said IHS Energy.