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Ring Energy is offering for sale its operated oil and gas leasehold, producing properties, and related assets located in Lea County, New Mexico. The assets include 300 Boe/d of oil-weighted net production (93% oil) from 22 active PDP wells (9 horizontal), $2.2 million in cash flow across the next twelve months, and a central field office supporting asset enhancement via 11 horizontal Devonian locations and 5 identified vertical recompilations. Ring Energy has retained PetroDivest Advisors as its exclusive advisor relating to the transaction.

Ring Energy Shelf Opportunity
(Source: PetroDivest Advisors)

Asset Highlights:

  • Oil-Weighted Net Production | 300 Boe/d | 93% Oil | 6% Decline
    • Low-decline asset offers predictable performance and long-term PDP value (9.5 years R/P)
      • 22 active producing wells (9 horizontal)
      • 95% average WI & 76% average NRI
      • Net Reserves: 1.9 MMboe (95% oil)
    • Conventional oil-weighted production provides $2.2 million in next-twelve-month operating cash flow
      • PDP PV10: $9.1MM
  • ~5,180 Net Acres | Majority Held By Production
    • Three distinct, concentrated field areas spanning 5,700 gross acres
      • 72% held-by-production
      • Additional 53 surface acres and 68 mineral acres included
    • Centrally located field office in the Denton field provides operational and development support
    • Includes field automation equipment and three active SWD wells
  • Identified Devonian Horizontal Development Opportunities
    • Low-cost development of 11 horizontal Devonian locations underpinned by supporting technical data
      • Seismic data exists across key development areas
      • 40%+ IRR at $1.4MM/well D&C
    • Full field development significantly enhances value and asset longevity
      • PDNP+PUD PV10: $5.4MM
      • Grand Total PV10: $14.5MM

Bids are due on June 14. For complete due diligence information on this property, please visit or contact Linda Fair.