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Northwestern Production LLC retained Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC to market for sale its operated working interest in North Dakota’s Billings County.

Asset Overview:

  • Operated working interest in 22 wells
    • 5,520 gross acres limited to the Tyler formation
    • 97.8% working interest / 81.9% net revenue interest average ownership
  • Nonoperated working interest in two wells:
    • 2.5% working interest / 2.1% net revenue interest average ownership
  • PDP production and cash flow
    • 141 gross / 40. 8 net bbl/d of oil average production (September 2021 - Feburary 2022)
    • $87,524 / month average net cash flow (January 2022 - March 2022)
    • PDP PV-10: $9.09 million

Upside Development:

  • Pilot Miscible Gas Flood (MGI) program conduction from fourth-quarter 2018 to first-quarter 2020
  • MGI expansion plan provides significant production through four phases
    • Total capex: $10.65 million
    • Total MGI and locations PV-10: $75.3 million
    • EUR - 3,981 Mbbl

Bids are due May 12. A virtual data room is available.

The presentation effective date is June 1. The sale effective date is the first of the month of closing.

For information visit or contact Dan Rowten at or 405-467-1835.