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Momentum Minerals Operating LP ("Momentum") is offering for sale a 14 well package on 90.83 net royalty acres in Weld County, Colorado. Lot# 105679 includes a 6-month average net income of $7,963/month, a 6-month average 8/8ths production of 184 barrels per day (bbl/d) and 1,893 MCFPD, and a 6-month average net production of 2 bbl/d and 19 MCFPD. The operator of the lot is PDC Energy Inc., and the lot is further subject to documentary stamp fees. Momentum has retained EnergyNet as its exclusive advisor relating to the transaction.

Momentum Minerals Operating Map
(Source: EnergyNet)

Asset Highlights:

  • 90.83 Net Royalty Acres
  • Royalty Interest in 14 HZ Wells:
    • 1.020551% RI
  • 6-Month Average Net Income: $7,963/Month
  • 6-Month Average 8/8ths Production: 184 bbl/d and 1,893 MCFPD
  • 6-Month Average Net Production: 2 bbl/d and 19 MCFPD
  • Operator: PDC Energy Inc.

Bids for Lot# 105679 are due on May 9 at 2:20 p.m. CDT. For complete due diligence information, please visit or email Cody Felton, Managing Director, at