GST Trust et al has retained EnergyNet for the sale of non-producing minerals subject to lease in the Haynesville Shale/ Bossier Opportunity in Shelby County, Texas. The Lot # 108658 package includes 90 active offshore producers and 14 offset permits.

GST Trust
(Source: EnergyNet)

Opportunity highlights:

  • 37.78 Net Mineral Acres Subject to Lease
    • 1/5th Royalty | Lease Expires August 2024
  • 14 Offset Permits
    • New Drill: 10 Permitted | 4 DUC
  • 90 Active Offset Producers
    • Haynesville and Bossier Production
  • Select Area Operators:
    • Aethon Energy Operating, LLC
    • Ellora Energy Inc.
    • Revenir Energy (formerly Legacy Reserves)
      • Planning on running a rig in area in 2024
    • XTO Energy Inc.

Bids are due Nov. 2 at 4:00 p.m. CST. For complete due diligence, please visit or email Zach Muroff, managing director, at