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Foundation Energy Fund IV-A LP et al retained EnergyNet for the sale of a 38-well package located in Logan and Weld counties, Colo. The Lot #104221 includes an operated working interest in 27 of the wells and a non-operated working interest in 11 of the wells.

Opportunity highlights:

  • Operated Working Interest in 27 Wells:
    • Avg WI ~92.80% / Avg NRI ~71.15%
    • An Additional 0.0125% RI/ORRI in the Baney State Lease
  • Non-Operated Working Interest in 11 Wells:
    • Avg WI ~4.12% / Avg NRI ~3.40%
    • Operator: Red Hawk Petroleum LLC and Verdad Resources, LLC
  • 6-Month Average (May 2022 - October 2022):
    • Net Production: 54 BOPD, 120 MCFPD and 512 BNPD
    • Net Income: $120,552/Month
  • Operator Bond Required

Bids are due at 1:30 p.m. CDT on March 8. For complete due diligence information, please visit or email Zachary Muroff, managing director, at